Haaland breaks England hat trick record. What’s next for him?

Erling Haaland continues to give what to talk about in the Premier League. After the 6-3 victory against Manchester United, he broke the record of reaching three hat-tricks in just eight games. In addition, he became the first player in this league to score a hat-trick in three straight games .

Erling Haland

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With what Haaland has done, speculation ends about his difficult adaptation to Manchester City. His team is second in the standings with 20 points, behind Arsenal with 21, but it is clear that with the slightest carelessness they can be placed first in the general classification. Everything indicates that with the help of Haaland, the Blues may be close to surpassing the record of 106 goals in a season, which was set in 2017/18.

Victims of trebles have been Crystal Palace, Nottingam Forest and Manchester United, in the past Clasico. If he keeps up this pace, he could also break the Premier League record for goals in a season. According to data from the newspaper Marca, for now those who are at the top of the list are Andy Cole and Alan Shearer, each with 34 goals in a season of 42 games. Currently, the one who holds the record with the fewest games is the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, with 32 goals in 38 games in a single season. Although critics and the European press fantasize about the Norwegian continuing to break records in England, only in the 2020/2021 season has he been able to exceed 30 goals. That year he converted 41 goals defending the colors of Borussia Dortmund.

He has scored 14 goals with only 8 games played in the league and has 5 goals in the UEFA Champions League. Before Haaland, the fastest player to convert three hat-tricks was the legendary Michael Owen, who needed 48 games to do so. With this record, the 22-year-old Norwegian shares the list of those who have achieved the treble 3 times in the Premier, with well-known players who are international legends.

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The list of three hat-tricks, with the games it took to achieve them, is as follows:

  • Erling Haland (8)
  • Michael Owen (48)
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy (59)
  • Fernando Torres (64)
  • Andrew Cole (65)
  • Luis Suárez (71)

In an article in the newspaper Marca it is stated that after the classic, Pep Guardiola said the following: "The figures speak for themselves. They are scary, to be honest. At his age, nobody can compare with him. What he is doing he did before in Norway, Austria and Germany. It's not something I taught him. The quality we have helps him score. He has incredible instinct. He was born to score goals."

At just 22 years old, he has already established himself not only as one of the best players in the world, but as one of the youngsters with the greatest projection. In 22 Champions League games, he has scored 28 goals, the fastest player to reach that figure. He has broken so many records that fans don't consider him human. The CNN media has reported an unusual petition signed by almost 2 million English people for Haaland to stop playing in the Premier League because he is considered "a robot". Although it is clear that the request will not have any effect, it will go down in the football history books that the Norwegian has come to make a difference in English and world football.


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