World Earth Day: 5 Documentaries To Appreciate It And Raise Awareness

"Explorer: The Last Tepui" will be the big premiere this 2022 to commemorate World Earth Day. Here we tell you more about it in addition to 5 other documentaries that you cannot miss.

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Like every April 22, during World Earth Day, every human being has the duty to pay tribute to the home where they live. No matter how small the detail, this exercise has the purpose of appreciating what we have and raising awareness about the importance of taking care of it day after day. Our planet is unique; with untamed oceans, exotic landscapes, and a natural habitat where millions of wild species coexist. How can we not love the Earth?

For this 2022, and as usual, National Geographic will surprise us again with a new documentary that will surely leave us with mixed feelings due to the magnificence of its beauty: "Explorer: The Last Tepui". The production will take us deep into the Amazon jungle together with American climbers Alex Honnold and Mark Synnott, who together with their team will take biologist Bruce Means (79 years old) to the top of a tepui almost 3,000 meters tall. 

How many things will they find along the way? In the first instance they will have to climb a cliff that exceeds 300 meters in height, and then travel hundreds of kilometers of jungle terrain in search of species unknown to modern science. Without a doubt, this documentary will be a luxurious journey that will show us how small we are in such a huge world. There will be no better way to celebrate World Earth Day than by watching this production on Disney+.

5 other documentaries you can't miss

Just as we know that the Earth has magical places, it is also important to remember the different crises that surround it. There are a large number of documentaries that are responsible for showing the beauty of our planet and others that in turn try to make us aware. Given that, here we bring you 5 recommendations that you cannot miss this April 22.

Earth At Night In Color

Deserts, jungles and savannahs adorn our world and very few people have the opportunity to enjoy their beauty. But what makes this documentary different from the rest is its theme, since when night falls, life on our planet Earth continues its journey. Through images and videos taken with high-tech cameras, we will be able to see in color how certain nocturnal animals behave and what they do to survive.

Available on: AppleTV

Our Planet

It is, most likely, one of the most successful documentaries about Earth in recent years. Divided into 8 chapters, this docuseries aims to teach us all the beauties of nature that inhabit every corner and depth of our planet. This immense project was filmed for four years and in more than 50 countries on five continents.

Available on: Netflix

Welcome to Earth

One of the most incredible productions of 2021. With Will Smith as a guide, here we will embark on a journey around the planet to explore its wonders and discover its secrets. From active volcanoes, through the depths of the ocean, to the most remote places, the mix between photography, camera and music will be able to delight us visually for six episodes with a work that will inspire us to value what we have as home.

Available on: Disney+

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Tiny World

Although the Earth is a gigantic place, it is worth mentioning that there are small worlds that many do not actually know. Believe it or not, there are tiny beings that are an essential part of our ecosystem and, in a way, change the way the planet works. This documentary series stands out for the quality of its images, which allows us to appreciate fairly small animals in high definition.

Available on: AppleTV

Pacificum, the return to the ocean

In this journey through sky, sea and land we will discover the devotion and respect of the ancient Peruvian settler with his marine environment. Led by four scientists, we will travel from end to end throughout the Peruvian Pacific to learn about its evolutionary history, discover new species and unknown underwater worlds, as well as teach us how we can relate to this magical habitat to conserve and protect it.

Available on: Netflix

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