Looking For A Raise? Apply These Five Psychological Tricks

Although it tends to be a somewhat stressful conversation, talking to your boss about a salary increase can be easy if you apply psychology to your advantage.

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Although for many all this may sound intimidating, the truth of the matter is that you only need to arm yourself with courage and dare to do it. Photo: Unsplash

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Although money is not everything in life, it is no secret to anyone that it is practically impossible to survive without a salary. The need to buy food, pay the rent or go out to have fun, are important points that you must take into account when you have a job, especially if your main objective is to become a successful person. Sooner or later the intention of asking your boss for a raise will come to your mind and it will be in that scenario where you must be psychologically prepared to take a step forward.

These types of conversations are always usually stressful and delicate, so you should know how to do it in the right place and at the right time so as not to end with a negative answer and the feeling that no one values what you do in your workplace. For those moments it is important that you feel safe and confident in yourself since to a large extent everything will depend on your attitude and the work skills that you have previously demonstrated. Also, if that increase is what you really want, you will most likely have to ask for it on your own and not wait for it to arrive alone.

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Although for many all this may sound intimidating, the truth of the matter is that you only need to arm yourself with courage and dare to do it. Can things go wrong? Yes, it is possible if the situation is not handled correctly and everything ends with a misunderstanding, but the good news is that to avoid those terrible scenarios you can apply certain psychological tricks that will help you increase the chances of getting the salary increase that you look so much.

1. Body language always counts

Not everything is about words, and more when there is some negotiation involved. Even if you have the perfect speech to ask for that raise, it will be of very little use if you do not show body language according to the situation. At this point, as mentioned above, you should show confidence in yourself and forget about nerves and / or anxiety. Also, some of the advice that experts always give is to take a position of power, place your hands on the table to project security, and -mainly- maintain eye contact.

2. Take the initiative with the proposal

According to a study by Ohio State and Vanderbilt Universities, there is a fairly effective process called "Anchoring" that can exponentially increase your chances of receiving a raise. Everything is based on you being the one who gives the first suggestion to mark the path of negotiation and thus avoid that the figure is too low. Remember to give yourself that value that you consider and even ask for more money if possible, because if your boss proposes something below, it will not be so far from what you asked for.

3. Use the power of other offers

For this point to become much more relevant, it is important that you are an outstanding employee in your work. The reason? All companies, no matter what the field, always take into account who their irreplaceable workers are because they know how valuable they are for short and long-term projects. Losing a prominent employee can be much more expensive than many think, so raising the possibility that there are other job offers could motivate your bosses to increase your salary as long as you continue with them.

4. Personal connection

While the conversation should revolve around a negotiation, there is a very simple trick that takes personal stories into account. According to research by Harvard neuroscientist Diana Tamir, the neurological effects produced by sharing these stories, and even motivating your boss to tell their experiences, are part of a process that generates the same sensations of pleasure that food or food causes. money. These types of details are capable of making a connection between both parties that can cause favorable impressions.

5. Smile!

This is one of the most effective tricks you can apply in any aspect of your life, even asking for a raise. Very few people know the true power that something as simple as a smile has, and the mere fact of reaching a negotiation with it in the face totally changes the picture. Therefore, always keep in mind that if you accompany your speech with a smile, the effect it will have on your boss will be so positive that he will surely approve of the increase you are looking for.

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