Nature’s Fynd: Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos’ Next Investment

Jeff Bezos And Bill Gates Invested Millions In Nature's Fynd, A Company That Creates Food Based On Microorganisms.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates recently made a million-dollar investment in Nature’s Fynd, a pioneer in the creation of protein and products based on microorganisms. Photo: IG-jeffbezos, IG-thisisbillgates

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Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates recently made a million-dollar investment in Nature's Fynd, a pioneer in the creation of protein and products based on microorganisms. But why has this company attracted the attention of businessmen and tycoons? What is Nature's Fynd and why is it considered the new great company of the future? Its revolutionary products promise to shake up the food industry.

Founded in 2012 as Chicago- based Sustainable Bioproducts LLC, it was initially focused on biofuels like biodiesel. In March 2020, the company was renamed Nature's Fynd and began work on a new plant to manufacture its product based on microbes from geothermal sources . They created a protein from a fungus first identified in geothermal springs in Yellowstone National Park.


This is where the registered trademark Fy Protein was born. From this discovery, the company has managed to develop sustainable substitutes for meat and dairy. It should be noted that it is a complete protein with 20 amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is also positioned as an alternative for those who plan to become vegetarians, since it is nutritious, versatile, and promises good taste. In addition, the product has a higher efficiency in the production of protein. The founders started from the idea of creating a sustainable source of food.

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Motivated to solve current global challenges with ingenuity and scientific advances, they thought about the consequences of increasing population growth. Let us remember that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that by 2050, agricultural production must grow by almost 50% to feed the world. In addition, the majority of the population will be concentrated in the cities, therefore it is necessary to think of practical solutions to meet the demand for food.

Nature's Fynd is currently not listed on the stock exchange. However, after the last round of financing in March 2020 they received contributions of 80 million dollars, for a total raised of 133 million dollars through investment funds (in which billionaires such as the owners of Microsoft and Amazon participate) . In addition, businessmen, environmentalists, and politicians, including Richard Branson (Virgin), Michael Bloomberg (Former Mayor of New York and businessman) and Al Gore (Former Vice President of the United States and environmentalist), have shown their interest in Nature ' s Fynd and its products. Due to its rapid growth, it is not ruled out that it will eventually enter the stock market.

Nature's Find and Protein Fy have transcended the market because unlike other companies, they have tried to emulate meat in a real way and this is what has captured the interest of the world's billionaires. Its process has made it possible to get closer to meat in terms of characteristics, flavor, and nutritional properties, without all that livestock farming implies. Other companies have been limited to making substitutes from other plant foods. In addition, Nature's Fynd has known how to capitalize on the discourse of environmental sustainability and caring for the environment.

Is it friendly to the planet?

Protein Fy has been presented as a planet-friendly food revolution. Its production pollutes less, requires less space and resources, in addition to promising to substitute meat for its similar properties and nutrients.

Less greenhouse gases

Fy Protein produces 99% less greenhouse gases: The production process generates very little carbon dioxide and no methane, unlike livestock.

Requires less space

99% less land is used, plus it can theoretically be produced anywhere a factory is installed.

Requires less water

There is no dependence on rain or irrigation of land. In addition, the fermentation process requires less water than traditional ones.



Currently Nature's Fynd offers burgers for breakfast. A recipe based on its Fy protein that seeks to replace the traditional meat burgers, covering nutrients in a similar way. There is also a dairy-free cream cheese recipe, made with the same Fy recipe.

Nature's Fynd promises to continue to grow and revolutionize the food industry. Would you try meat made from microorganisms?

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