Undisputed Courage and Resilience of Women in Automotive Industry

This time we will talk about women in the automotive industry and publicize their initiatives and projects that make a difference.

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The Woman Post focuses on making visible those women who are referents in all sectors and environments at an international level and the communities to which they belong. This time we will talk about women in the automotive industry and publicize their initiatives and projects that make a difference.

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The American Organization of Women Leaders in Automotive Maintenance (OAMLA) was formed on June 7, 2019, by its founder, Luisa Fernanda Valderrama, with a group of engineers who were already immersed in the automotive maintenance industry.

Valderrama's inspiration was courage, strategy, trajectory, resilience, constancy, passion, dedication, sacrifice, and integrity, which she has developed through more than 40 years of experience in this field, which, why not say it, was designed by and for men.

Her desire from the beginning has been to achieve gender equity in an industry that has historically been occupied mostly by men and the goal is to include up to 50% of the participation of women in the automotive maintenance industry in the American continent, promoting integrity and excellence, based on its definition, scope, and impact, showing new generations the value of belonging to this limitless universe.


What is the importance of automotive maintenance? Most of the industries in the world use automobiles for the fulfillment of their objectives, since these allow the construction, production, transport, among many other functions that are necessary for human life, thus this industry covers the Aerospace, Aeronautical field, Military, Naval, Agricultural, Construction, Infrastructure, Logistics, Transportation, Health, Mining and more. Therefore, a comprehensive automotive maintenance guarantees safety at sea, land, air, care of the environment, circular economy, personal safety and profitability, which makes it a protagonist of evolution in the world.

Over the years, the different trajectories of women belonging to the Organization have led them to detect a high degree of corruption in the industry. For this reason, they have decided with even greater interest, integrity, and courage, to position women who help reduce these statistics. Hard work, but not impossible. Despite the obstacles, the organization still dreams of comprehensive maintenance, without corruption and with equal participation of women, which has always been its goal and commitment to future generations.

Discovering these wonderful women in different countries of the continent that today in the Organization are identified through the brand WAM 21 (21st Century Auto Maintenance Woman), whose participation shows small percentages in all industries, has been a wonderful experience of which we invite you to participate through their stories, which will be told with truthfulness, responsibility, and greatness in The Woman Post from September 2021, and in this way inspire many more women and continue adding wills to be part of this historic revolution in which women are protagonists.

In November 2022, twenty-three Women; (1 leader from each country on the Continent) will raise their voices from the First International Congress of Women Automotive Maintenance Leaders with the slogan "I AM WAM 21."

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