What profit can real estate in Dubai Creek Harbour bring to investors?

What does Dubai Creek Harbour look like? Real estate in Dubai`s neighborhood. Property purchase and its management to get sound income and positive experience.

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The sectors of real estate in Dubai, the UAE offers a lot of opportunities for geting basic and additional income due to the variety of choices for investments. In Dubai Creek Harbour a buyer can select a spacious apartment out of multiple options of different footage and design. Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour in 2023 are available for any budget and purpose.

Dubai Creek Harbour is a coastal project that includes residential, retail, commercial and entertainment facilities located adjacent to parks, recreation and sports areas. From the very beginning, Dubai Creek Harbour was designed as a place where every guest and resident would feel most comfortable to live, work and relax.

How to gain profit on real estate in Dubai Creek Harbour? 

Roughly speaking, there are two ways to make a notable amount of money if you have become a real estate owner in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

  • Rental business. 

The most classic option for investment is rental business. On average, the annual net profit is 5-8%, but if real estate is bought for short-term rentals, the figure can increase to 12-15% per annum.

Many investors delegate real estate management to experienced professionals. Such a sophisticated approach allows you to maximize income by drawing up a competent investment hstrategy, market analysis and search for potential landlords.

Buying hotel apartments, which are managed by a hotel brand, can bring an investor 5-9% per annum. Also, the owner has the right to use their own property a certain number of days a year.

  • Resale business. 

One more reliable way to invest is resale. Firstly, it allows you to protect your capital from inflation. Secondly, with its help, you can make a profit of up to 10%. However, cases with obtaining 50%, 100% and even 150% are not isolated: for desirable real estate buyers are willing to seriously overpay.

Both of these strategies may play directly into the hands of foreign investors. Decrease in cost of real estate as well as in the demand are not foreseen, that makes property purchase in Dubai Creek Harbour a reasoned decision. 

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What profits do foreign investors get? 

Among the most important benefits each buyer is objected to, we have identified the following options.

  • Constant growth of demand on the real estate in the neighborhood.

The price per square meter in Dubai Creek Harbour is growing despite the global economic instability. The growth in popularity of real estate is achieved due to the country's attractiveness to the part of foreigners, international business activity, favorable economic conditions for business against the backdrop of global instability), possibility of taking loans from local banks or paying for purchases in cryptocurrency and allowing foreigners to own property in the UAE without involving an Arab sponsor.

  • Safety of a deal. 

All transactions in the UAE are checked by the government that provides absolute safety of capitals. The government approves deals only with the trusted developers according to all legislation norms. 

  • Life or real estate ownership in the city of future. 

Dubai is a modern metropolis that contains several advanced neighborhoods. Most of them may be called cities in the city because of the level of comfort they offer. The amazing neighborhood of Dubai Creek Harbour is grown on the edge of the desert, and seems to have been created to amaze the human imagination. Cloudy skyscrapers, proximity to ultra-modern subway that doesn't need a driver, amazing shopping malls with real ice skating rinks and ski slopes, and multiple recreational facilities are offered to the residents of the district.

What is in the result? 

The main reason why Dubai has quickly become the world's leading destination for businesses and investors is its unique ability to reinvent and embrace the future. To meet the requirements of the epoch and correspond to the advance of Dubai, the real estate agency AX CAPITAL works with the renowned developers in the UEA. 

A portfolio of successful cases of real estate purchase enhances the credibility of AX CAPITAL specialists. The real estate agents will help to select the suitable housing unit according to the personal criteria of a buyer. There is no chance to regret it if you contact professionals and use their valuable recommendations.

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