Shakira Reflects on the Family, Its Value and Female Solidarity in Her New Interview

Shakira breaks the silence with Enrique Acevedo in her first interview after collaborating with Bizarrap, in which she was very reflective about her breakup .


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Shakira returned to public opinion with her first interview, after which hints at her ex-partner and Clara Chía were provoked in her songs. This he did only days after his collaboration on “TQG” with Karol G, a powerful duo that, once again, opens up to its audience to sing of heartbreak.

“TQG” ends up being the creation in which Karol G takes it out on his ex-partner Anuel AA and Shakira does the same with Piqué . However, the reggaetonera joins the "statement" that Shakira embodied together with Bizarrap with the female empowerment in the industry. Here it was not "women no longer cry, women bill"; but “ I don't have time for what I don't contribute, I've already changed my north, making money as a sport” (translating her songs from Spanish into English).

In the interview with Enrique Acevedo, Shakira makes deep reflections on the moment she is living. She emphasizes her role as a mother and gives some indications of what her next album may have.

The Need to Express Your Pain

Among the highlights of the interview, Shakira emphasizes how hard it is to be sensitive. She accepts that she is in love with the idea of love and that made her dependent on her ex-partners, but she stresses that this has already happened. "I'm enough for myself", "I'm enough" or "I depend on myself" were some of the phrases that show that she is facing a new stage. His music has been the channel in which she does catharsis, and that is why nothing could be saved. That honesty has not come cheap with her detractors, who still classify her as "resentful."

In her interview, Shakira points out that she did her session with Bizarrap because she sat down to think about the pain, as well as feeling it. She also paraphrases an author saying that the cure for depression is expression, and as a product she obtained the lyrics of the song.

Typically, leading female figures in the music industry have this trait in common, and their audiences expect them to bring the personal into the public sphere through their songs. Adele, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have dedicated entire albums to introspection since heartbreak. In male artists, especially heterosexuals, the demand goes the other way. Perhaps the one who has shown himself to be the most vulnerable to his art in recent years was Kendrick Lamar with his album “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”.

Among other topics that Shakira touched on in her interview, her message of female empowerment and sorority stands out. On the other hand, she accepts that she suffers from impostor syndrome and has not yet measured the magnitude of what her figure represents globally. Additionally, she hinted that her dream of forming a traditional family was frustrated.

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What Clues Did You Give from Your New Album?

Less and fewer remains to know what will be the twelfth studio album by the Barranquillera. Although in her last interview she was not clear about whether she will publish new music soon, it is glimpsed that the concept will continue to be a space for personal reflection.

With "Te Felicito", "Monotonía", her session with Bizarrap and the collaboration of "TQG" with Karol G, Shakira does not break the line of heartbreak. In this sense, the catharsis that she has been doing in each single will be reflected in the final project. In terms of sound, everything indicates that the sound will be fresher and more attached to the new musical trends that go through the urban. In this process, she clarified that her children have been fundamental, since Milan was the one who introduced her to the music of Bizarrap.

This trend is reflected in the fact that she has only been collaborating with urban artists. She started with Rauw Alejandro, continued with Ozuna, then with Bizarrap and more recently with Karol G. It is clear that her intention is to continue this "boom" in the dominance of the Latino industry.

Last year, Shakira pointed out in her interview with Elle magazine that her new work was going to have varied genres, many collaborations, some songs in Spanish and others in English. The foregoing would be framed in a concept that served as an alternative to therapy after thinking about her pain. Let's remember that in addition to her break with Gerard Piqué, the Colombian also faced trouble with the Spanish Treasury for tax evasion and everything was mixed together with the pandemic.

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