What types of property does Dubai Marina have?

It is not a small business to buy properties in Dubai Marina. You would not only be investing in the heart of the famous city, but you will also be procuring interest in an impressive neighborhood and an economic location that never goes wary.

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It is not a small business to buy properties in Dubai Marina. You would not only be investing in the heart of the famous city, but you will also be procuring interest in an impressive neighborhood and an economic location that never goes wary regardless of the weather, the season, or the time of the year. Dubai Marina is a place that is always packed with tourists, Arabians, and business people. According to Emirates.Estate, a survey revealed that the Marina is one of the most idolized city locations in the whole of Dubai – 90% of foreigners visit locations in the Marina. Where people go and come, they leave landmarks, and they spend their money. Such places will always be alive.

Properties available in Dubai Marina

Regarding reality, Dubai allows you to think and fantasize about them and bring those imaginations to life. There is no size of apartment you need that you cannot find in Dubai. This statement seems sweeping, but it is correct. You can find the most extravagant and flamboyant flats in this area and get modest modern-designed apartments that fit your pockets. Additionally, a handful of mortgage options can help you pay off your housing debts under more comfortable plans. Here are some of the most common types of properties in Dubai Marina.

Bedroom apartments

It was discovered that One Bedroom apartments are the most sought-after category of property in the whole of Dubai and the Marina is not an exception. Did you know that this category of housing is often always sold out? A One Bedroom apartment usually consists of a vacant room with one or two bathrooms, a kitchen area (sometimes a store room), a small balcony, and a sitting room area. These one-bedroom apartments often come with installed refrigerators, gas cookers, and other primary heating or chilling system (such as AC). Still, payments for those services will be made by the current occupier who uses them. This category of property is always in demand because it has more of its patronizers in the Dubai Marina. Students prefer a single-bedroom apartment, and even in situations where they would like roommates, they split the bills and adjust the room area to take two. Tourists who are also in town short or long term tend to prefer a bedroom apartment, and for this purpose, those that are partially or fully packaged serve them. Tourists who stay for a short while would instead rent this type of apartment too. 

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Studio apartments

This is the second in command as regards demand. Studio apartments are like one-bedroom apartments except that they are one large-sized room that can be aesthetically designed to various corners and purposes. The room is often kept in a studio apartment from the sitting room or visitors' area. Studio apartments could be pimped up to look attractive, and they sell out very well in the Marina.

Two – four bedroom apartments

Think of these as family homes because people with large homes often patronize these large units. Each room may have its own restroom, while it will be a central kitchen room with cupboards and well-laid-out sections. Additionally, they often all have one big main living room where visitors can be received. This apartment is so large and carefully designed that even if there isn't any space specifically designed as such, you can carve a reading area, a library, and or closets in each of the rooms.

Villas and duplexes

Designed for people with deeper pockets. Villas and duplexes are large, fully suited, luxurious apartments intended to contain all desirable for a comfortable and fancy life. It may include a private garage, barbecue stand, swimming pools, or beachside, and it may be designed with sophisticated technology. However, just as you guessed, they are pretty expensive.

What type of property should I get?

Surprisingly, this is one of the most searched questions on the internet as regards property choices in Dubai Marina today. People resort to the web to tell the what kind of property to buy, but this is an entirely personal question. There are two fundamental factors you should allow to shape your choice, your pocket and your preference, that is all. Some people who live alone prefer a bigger house, while some large families may want to keep a bit small. So, ask yourself this question: 'what do I want? You can find whatever you decide in Dubai Marina, so don't fret about it!


This article contains a rundown of the kind of property that you can get in Dubai Marina and the prices or the range that you can get them for. Hopefully, you will have learned a thing or two. Remember to consult an expert or have a realtor check out your proposed property before you close the sale; it could save you a lot of heartaches and some lost money.

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