Winning Women in the World of Startups in Latin America

Being an entrepreneur in Latin America is a challenge that implies passion, perseverance, vision, and many skills to find the market

The Woman Post | Maria Claudia Londoño

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These women have courage, conviction, and an unstoppable spirit that have made their start-ups stand out in this region as the most outstanding.

Cristina Junqueira from Brazil, co-founder of Nu, the world's largest independent digital bank, was named in 2019 by Fast Company as the most innovative company in Latin America, by Forbes as the best bank in Brazil, and by KPMG as the 16th most innovative company of the world.

Brynne McNulty Rojas, from Colombia, CEO, and co-founder of Habi, in the real estate sector, where real estate acquires dynamics of the sale in an agile process for users in record time.

Silvina Moschini from Argentina, co-founder of Unicorn Hunters, the platform that is revolutionizing the investment ecosystem, and Transparent Business, which offers the revolution of cloud work and more functional and effective remote work.

Marlene Garayzar from Mexico, the co-founder of Stori, enables the acquisition of a credit card without complications or cumbersome paperwork, backed by a Master card.

Maite Muniz Telleira from Mexico, co-founder of Truora Inc, the platform that allows you to design and automate custom chatbots to verify users, sell products and interact with customers through WhatsApp.

Daniela Izquierdo, from Colombia, co-founder of Foodlogy Inc, which brings together the largest virtual restaurants in Latin America in a single space, to boost their growth.

Martha Forero Sepúlveda, from Colombia, co-founder of UBITS, a learning hub for companies, which allows designing, executing, and measuring business training plans and brings together a series of renowned speakers in various areas of interest and impact.

Doménica Obando, from Peru CEO and co-founder of Talent, where you can find the best talents in the technology industry in Latin America and allows the meeting of global companies in the sector.

Carolina García G from Colombia, the co-founder of Chiper, allows merchants to find the best prices to stock their stores, evaluate purchase options and be more efficient.

Karen Carvajalino from Colombia, co-founder of Bitz Nation, a start-up made up of the three Carvajalino sisters dedicated to instilling training and education through an online platform that offers virtual courses focused on digital marketing, technology, soft skills, and entrepreneurship.

Salua García Fakih from Colombia, co-founder of Symplifica, a platform that promotes the formalization of the employment of domestic workers and those who carry out this type of work, facilitating the process for employers in hiring, liquidation of workers and generating the legalization of this work activity.

The Woman Post applauds these initiatives and recognizes these women who inspire and motivate those who start in the world of start-ups to continue persisting and consolidating their ideas, projects, and dreams to make them a business reality.


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