Women’s Life and Liberty, the Cry in Iran Supported by Meghan Markle

In an event organized by Women@Spotify, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Essex wore a T-shirt with the slogan Women, Life and Freedom written in Farsi, supporting the cry of women in Iran, in reaction to the recent death of Masha Amiri.

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Since the announcement of the death of this 22-year-old Iranian woman, due to accusations of alleged inappropriate use of the hijab, according to the version of the authorities, thousands of protests and marches have been generated, with the slogan Women, Life and Freedom and the Women have appeared on networks and videos cutting their hair, to which personalities such as Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche, Charlotte Rampling, Jane Birkin, and Marion Cotillard have joined, as a show of solidarity.

Megan Markle's support was mentioned and highlighted by MANDANA DAYANI, a young entrepreneur, Iranian-born American activist, attorney, entrepreneur, and angel investor, Creator & Co-founder of I am a voter a nonpartisan civic engagement organization, President | Archewell, the media and philanthropic company founded by Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who published the photographs of the Duchess wearing the T-shirt alluding to this movement, at the Women@spotify headquarters in Los Angeles, California, United States Joined.

She and her family fled Iran and traveled to the city of Ladispoli, in Italy. Then through HIAS (originally the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), they obtained asylum in the United States.

There Mandana studied at the University of Southern California, where she earned her bachelor's degree and then a Juris Doctorate from USC Gould School of Law, where she also received a summer scholarship.

Thanks to her successful career, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hired her as COO of Archewell: Leading the way with compassion, whose purpose they described as EACH OF US can CHANGE our COMMUNITIES. ALL OF US can CHANGE DE WORLD, and in parallel, The objective is to build a solid and sustainable media presence for Harry and Meghan, a vital need since they decided to withdraw from their monarchical role and responsibilities, assuming a more relevant role of social impact by joining forces with causes that have an impact and promote a cultural change, an approach that Dayani shares with the Duke and Duchess of Essex.

And is that, as a result of their change in roles and lifestyle, both Meghan and Henry find themselves in the eye of the hurricane, and each step, decision, interview, and appearance in the media and networks are carefully analyzed and guided by Mandana Dayani, to ensure that the image of the Duke and Duchess, and particularly of Meghan, maintains the parameters that promise acceptance and expressions of approval among the public and the media around the world, and in particular that group of opponents who do not waste the opportunity to question it, affect their image and relive aspects of her life before her marriage to Prince Harry.

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