10 keys for finding the ideal office

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María José Uriarte, development manager of Inmobiliaria Exxacon, explains what are the basic aspects that must be taken into account to choose the ideal office

10 keys for finding the ideal office

The trend in the world of office design is now characterized by prioritizing open and collaborative spaces, which encourages the interaction of workers and at the same time minimizes the tables assigned to a single person. Teamwork, camaraderie, and joint goals are enhanced. All this results in lower stress rates, better levels of satisfaction and more productivity.

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It is because of this change in work style that the acquisition of commercial premises and offices is an issue that goes hand in hand with the design, independent of the size of the company. To choose the ideal space, María José Uriarte, development manager of Inmobiliaria Exxacon and the HubEgaña Oficinas project, details a series of basic aspects.

1. Price: the value will have consequences in the liquidity and accounting of the company. You need a versatile and sustainable office with a good quality-cost relation. 

2. Comfort: the workspace must always be a comfortable place. Preferably with natural lighting and temperature regulation. 70% of people believe that design based on open offices helps improve their productivity.

3. Location: it is important that you are in a strategic location for several reasons. First, to gain visibility in the chosen environment; second, to facilitate access to customers, suppliers, and members of the company.

4. Flexibility: flexibility is a value today more important than ever. Many companies work with others in coworking spaces.

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5. Space: a good office should be located in wide facilities, where there are a meeting room, conference rooms, and common spaces. The organizations today focus on promoting informal areas, where people can have meetings, make private calls or simply dedicate time for leisure and recreation.

6. Decoration: the decoration says a lot about the business. Why not hire a professional space, with a modern and attractive decoration?

7. Work tools: currently an office is not efficient if it lacks a strategic design with the latest technology. SmartWorking is the key, with video conferencing platforms that connect with just entering some digits, conference rooms synchronized by voice commands. These are just some of the elements that burst with force.

8. Environment: not only the location is important, but also the closest environment. For example, HubEgaña Offices in the commune of La Reina has a high cultural life, cinemas, theaters, cafes, and restaurants. This characteristic is appreciated at times when the pace of life is very hectic, explains María José Uriarte.

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9. Services: all companies need to delegate some tasks to other professionals, for example, notaries or some technical service.

10. Access: Accessibility is a fundamental aspect. The office must be in a place where anyone can easily reach by car, bus, subway or bicycle. "This is the case of Huboficinas, which is located just steps away from the Plaza Egaña Metro station and the Américo Vespucio Oriente (AVO) project in which the highway will be underground and the environment will have significant improvements."


Source: Exxacon

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