From the field to your closet: the influence of sportswear on fashion

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We list here some influences that sportswear has left in the world of fashion

From the field to your closet: the influence of sportswear on fashion

The sports aesthetic has greatly influenced the world of fashion. Although many do not feel particularly interested in sports, the use of tennis in the office and of leggings at parties is becoming more common. The sports world and the fashion industry come together more and more: many soccer players and NBA players are involved in fashion issues and establish trends in the same way that models and influencers do. That is why we list here some influences that we have seen that sportswear in fashion has left us, in our closet and in the celebrities that set trends.

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Meet us back in the Bronx.

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Undoubtedly, the attire of baseball is one of the most elegant in the world of sports, besides being the one that most aesthetizes the body. The tight pants, the wide striped shirts combined with white and the baseball caps went off the field to take the music videos and the wardrobe of many. Although it is still a sporty look, a baseball shirt and a baseball cap can be garments that many have at home even without being interested in this sport. New York Yankees's, for example, is already an iconic garment that many take as a souvenir of the city.



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Boxers like Floyd Mayweather have been loyal customers of designers such as Gucci collaborator Dapper Dan, who was also responsible for dressing Harlem rappers during the 1990s. The aesthetics of boxing moved became the look that many artists use in their music videos. The big shorts of this sport, and not others like soccer, and the bright colors like gold or red enameled are typical clothing of music videos. The typical embroidered robe on the back with which the boxers come to the ring is also part of the clothing of many musicians and is an even haute couture garment in fashion firms such as Gucci.

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It could not be said that this is the origin of the eighties fashion that Madonna imposed, but undoubtedly the colored tights, the warm stockings, and the bandanas make reference to the aesthetics of the gymnasts. During the eighties, the gymnast dress was imposed to go dancing and so the women went from high heels to wearing tennis with stockings over their leggings, wide shirts with belts and bandanas on their heads as if they were going to do aerobics. In this way, they all imitated divas like Madonna, Olivia Newton John, and Cindy Lauper, who in their music videos could wear from high fashion dresses to meshes of phosphorescent colors.



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This sport has a very clear aesthetic and it is not surprising that it is the fashion of rich children. This sport, associated with the upper class, has generated a fashion in which pastel colors predominate and polo shirts from brands like Raph Lauren or Lacoste. T-shirts with neck and sacks hanging on the shoulders accompanied by bermuda above the knee are the signature of this sport. So are the cashmere vests that can be worn over a short sleeve shirt. Even for those who do not practice it, it has become a look that distinguishes the upper class. This is how dressed, for example, Carlton Banks, the rich and applied boy in the november series The Prince of Rap in Bel-Air , in contrast to his cousin Will, played by rapper Will Smith, who plays basketball in the intro of the series and dresses big and colorful shirts.


One of the sports that has most influenced fashion, basketball, has taken music videos and films for several decades. Absolutely linked with the rap aesthetic, basketball strongly influenced this musical genre. Wide sleeveless shirts are typical of any nineties rap music video. The movie Do The Right Thing, set in Brooklyn in 1989, is full of references to basketball fashion: Lakers jerseys, Jordan tennis, etc., are part of the aesthetics of the film and the racial tensions between the characters.


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