4 Podcasts to Listen to On Mother’s Day

In this article, we present 4 podcasts that you should listen to on Mother's Day

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On May 8 in Colombia and in various parts of the continent and the world, Mother's Day is celebrated. As a tradition, in Colombia, it is always celebrated on the second weekend of the month, and for this year that was confirmed after an improvement in the health situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, in the following article, we show you some podcasts in Spanish and English where the situation of motherhood is covered from different personalities and perspectives that are ideal to listen to this May 8.

Children Project

A primary school teacher and family educator talks about how parents should raise their children in their different stages, and addresses issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, the personality they build, and the bond that children generate with others and with their parents. In turn, they give advice to mothers through interviews with different specialists from various areas so that parenting is positive and both caregivers and children grow in many aspects. Some of its most recognized programs are "How to awaken creativity at home", "The first month with your baby", "Create a home that encourages reading" and "Preadolescence: how to get your son or daughter to collaborate".

The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast

The life of every mother can be complicated at first and in this podcast that is confirmed but many tips are given to know how to cope with that life and understand that being a mother does not mean that other daily activities have to be postponed or canceled. For example, in addition to sharing the care of the child between both parties, the woman is taught to carry out activities that she already did before pregnancy and being a mother and is encouraged through talks with experts to, for example, perform outdoor activities and eat a balanced diet. Likewise, the same listeners can propose topics to be discussed and possible interviewees on the podcast website, which generates closeness.

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Club Malasmadres

Born in 2014, Malasmadres was created with the aim of "demystifying motherhood and breaking the myth of the perfect mother ". Thus, in each chapter motherhood is approached in a realistic way, with its successes and its errors, the positive and the negative. With humor as their main weapon, they seek to put an end to stereotypes, which undoubtedly gives them a very particular stamp. Here there is also talk of the balance that women must achieve, in matters such as being able to be a mother but without neglecting their aspirations, for example, professional ones. Combining different aspects of life, added to the fact that it is a group of mothers of a similar age who promoted this project, has given Malasmadres more than a million followers on different social networks.

La Hora de Mamá

In La Hora de Mamá they define themselves as a community for mothers who are looking for practical and easy advice that they can apply in their daily lives in a fun and simple way. This podcast that has almost 10 million views is a conversation between two mothers who have eight children between them and who are of different ages. Therefore, they cover their maternal life from their own experiences and perspectives, giving advice and making comparisons weekly, with specialist interviews twice a month and with the aim that many mothers can identify with them. On the other hand, on their blog they present guides, games, recipes and all the information and summaries of the interviewees who participate in this successful program.

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