Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Case, a Look Beyond the Media

As a Holistic therapist and lover of the study of human behavior, one of the most publicized cases in the media in recent decades has strongly caught my attention: The case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

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From my perspective and remote observation of what has been disclosed and known in the media during the last month presents particular characteristics that could be classified within integrated psychopathy, so would Amber be an integrated psychopath? Judge for yourself by taking into account the following information and comparing it with the knowledge that has been spread in the media about the case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Integrated psychopathy is a personality disorder that develops a distorted personality from childhood due to physical and psychological abuse. This includes behavior patterns imitated since childhood, in families with violence patterns, insecure or ambivalent attachments, without limits, no clear rules, and no defined authority figure.

Integrated psychopathy, or antisocial personality, is commonly found in different close environments, among people with a covert agenda, who have a sheep mask and are wolves at heart. They are charming and seductive to manipulate their victim. They are mythomaniacs and narcissists. Integrated psychopathy is generated in childhood and produces psychological damage to the victim in adulthood without causing remorse since integrated psychopaths lack empathy since they are unable to feel emotions, and their goal is to achieve what they want at the expense of whatever.

They are people who emotionally drain others and emotional vampires whose goal is to obtain an economic reward. They use their physical attributes and sexual abilities with great dexterity.

Characteristics of Integrated Psychopaths

1. In the conquest stage, they are excessively nice and charming: They use the statement "I am the woman or the man of your life… your soul mate", and they have the same tastes and affinities to generate proximity with the victim. In addition, they are emotionally and sexually magnetic, highly seductive, and permanently bombarded with messages and photos. Makes engaging eye contact, pretends to be a victim, seeking protection and attention. They are very intelligent people who coldly plan seduction and conquest. They are strategically calculating and devoid of emotions, lack empathy, do not care about the other, and are only interested in their needs.

2. Once they have caught their prey: Integrated psychopaths are arrogant, proud, dominant, with an air of superiority, and can become aggressive when they don't get what they want. They develop the art of good sex to catch them—these people fake cry if possible to achieve their goals. They use a planned enchantment while entrapping to emotionally and financially drain their victim.

3. In the stage of domination and codependency: They are emotional and economic parasites. They monitor all other activities to control and begin to show aggression when they feel that they lose control. They blame the victim and make them feel responsible for what happens to them. Psychopaths also make their victims believe they are mentally ill until they take them to the limit of desperation until they begin self-injury and often attempt suicide.


4. When the victim comes out of the enchantment and manages to escape from the psychopath's circle of influence: The Integrated Psychopath (Amber) spends their time discrediting the other to try to manipulate and control them. They manage to deteriorate their self-esteem to the point of emotionally reducing them and negating them in front of their acquaintances and friends, as Amber did to Johnny Depp.

For this type of behavior to occur, the couple has a dysfunctional dynamic. As a consequence, a pathological relationship is formed. For there to be a manipulator, there must be a person who is manipulated, that is, who has low self-esteem as a base. The two are codependent. Therefore, both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp need therapeutic support in this case.

If an excessively charming and seductive person with signs of control appears in your life, run for your life because a cycle begins that, from my experience, can be summarized with the following words: discovery, conquest, colony, dictatorship, inquisition, revolution, and independence.

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