4 ways to play with your newborn

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That's right! It is possible to play with your newborn, here we give you some ideas to enjoy with your baby

4 ways to play with your newborn

Most times we think they are so small that we cannot play with newborn babies, but the truth is that you can enjoy with your baby even if he is small. The most advisable thing is that you start playing these games with your baby after 8 weeks of born. By that time, he will be a little more used to this new world.

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These are some of the games that we recommend:

1. Smile: with this game you will not only allow your baby to imitate your facial movements, but will also develop the social smile, and it is extremely tender to see your little one smiling. You can put him face up and make faces or make funny voices, this way he will recognize what it is funny.


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2. Aerobics: for your baby to develop his muscles in a good way and strengthen, you can lay him on his stomach and help him to lift his torso little by little so that he develops strength in his arms and legs. Then put him on his back and gently move his arms and legs from one side to the other; for this to be more fun you can play music.

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3. Games at bath time: bath time is a good opportunity to play with your baby and also help him develop his sight and touch. You can make soap bubbles and throw them for your little one to see, you can also put baby toys in the tub so he can see them through the water. Take advantage of different textures such as liquid and foam to feel the difference between them.


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4. Peekaboo: The classic game of closing your eyes with the palms of your hands and ask where you are and then uncover them is one of the most beautiful ways to play with your little one. This will open your baby's curiosity and you will enjoy seeing his surprise face.

5. Hugs and kisses: for the development of your baby it is extremely important for him to feel all your love, and touch is one of the best ways to create a healthy and lasting bond. Your baby will learn to recognize your touch and he will feel trust you. Use hugs and kisses to show all your love, you can also give him small kisses on the neck so he can feel ticklish.


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