5 Apps For Procrastinators

These are some of the apps for procrastinators that you should have .

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Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. This habit can cause negative results because it decreases productivity and tends to lead to situations of anxiety or stress when the goals are not met. In addition, afterwards the time to finish the task that has been postponed is reduced.

A study carried out in Anglo-Saxon countries found that about 80% of university students adopt procrastinating behaviors. It is difficult to identify and solve a problem if the root of them is not understood. Therefore, it is convenient to do self-reflection and analysis to detect the causes of procrastination and the effects that this behavior has in life. It can be a matter of lack of organization, distraction, lack of will or "addiction" to social networks, series, and leisure activities.

Nowadays it is very common to stay hooked on the cell phone. Between social networks, chats with your partner and friends, and millions of funny posts, it is very easy to spend hours watching content and get away from the fulfillment of daily tasks. However, on the cell phone you can also have valuable tools to avoid procrastination. Here is a list of applications to stop procrastinating.

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This is one of the best apps to stop procrastinating and overcome cell phone addiction. This application connects with others that are downloaded to the cell phone, and blocks them for a certain time so that there is no temptation to use them.

In addition, it has a very interesting concept, because as long as the objectives of not using the cell phone are met, a virtual forest is being planted. Forest has an alliance with the NGO "Trees for the Future" , which has planted more than 145 million trees, in several countries. By taking care of your electronic trees you can accumulate coins to donate and plant real trees.



Many times procrastination is generated by a lack of organization and planning. In this sense, the Trello app offers a fairly effective solution. It works like a board in which to-do lists or annotations are organized with different categories and customizable views. Thus, you can move the cards between columns of pending tasks, with more or less importance according to your needs. 

In addition, it allows you to set alarms with the time and deadlines for the fulfillment of a task. It also allows you to create collaborative boards and invite other people.

Remember the milk

This is a great app for the forgetful. It is an app that allows you to create notifications about pending tasks. In addition, you can share these notifications with other people, making it ideal for group work. It can also be installed on the computer. On the other hand, on their website there is a blog with tips to be disciplined and organized in various situations.

Focus To-Do

There is a very famous method known as the Pomodoro technique, which involves using a period of time, usually 25 minutes, to focus on an activity and alternating it with 5 minutes of rest. The working block is called Pomodoro. After about 2 Pomodoro blocks, a longer break can be taken. 

The Focus To-Do application allows you to set concentration times and keep a timer to stay focused until the end of time. In addition, it has integrated tools to plan activities. It can be synchronized with multiple devices and provides statistics on the time spent in categories such as reading, study or work.


Beyond monitoring time and accomplishing tasks, it is possible to work on procrastination by strengthening the ability to concentrate. Mindfulness, or mindfulness, is a technique that has become popular in recent years because it has positive effects on reducing stress, improving the quality of sleep and taking care of mental health.

Similarly, it encourages concentration and helps train the mind to stay calm and pay attention to the moment. In this way, if it is practiced regularly, it has positive effects on productivity. Calm is an app that has a scientific committee behind it with experts from prestigious universities who develop guided meditation sessions according to specific objectives.

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