5 apps to take care of your health this 2019

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We present you some of the best apps to take care of your health this 2019

5 apps to take care of your health this 2019

Among the main new year's purposes of many people is to lose weight, reduce stress, eat well and even improve the quality of sleep. Although it can be difficult, the technology has come to help us, and now we are at a download to achieve all our goals with a little support.

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We present some of the best apps to take care of your health this 2019 without major difficulty:

1. S'Acabó: the free application, created by the Spanish Society of Specialists in Smoking (SEDET), is responsible for facilitating the process of quitting smoking through different menus that include self-control guidelines, the record of achievements, ways of cope with the withdrawal syndrome, among others.

The objective of this project, says the board of directors of SEDET, is "to develop an app of quality, easy to manage and attractive that will have the endorsement and scientific rigor that our society has earned throughout its history. We believe that the challenge has been achieved and that from now on everyone (professionals and population) will have an excellent tool to help the process of smoking cessation," reports the newspaper Con Salud.

2. Endomondo: the application, free with purchases within the app. Android and iOS is one of the best known. According to the newspaper Nobbot, its success is that it encourages social exercise with challenges and the publication of our achievements in social networks. Besides, it also shows the best routes for running, acts as a personal trainer and records variables such as calorie consumption and heart rate.

3. Pzizz: insomnia or complications to fall asleep affect the quality of life of a large number of people, that is why apps like Pzizz contribute to solving these problems by helping the user to sleep better through elements that invite relaxation.

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According to Generic, 3D image and audio are a fundamental part of the application because they help to sleep pleasantly. Also, in the description of the app, its creators ensure that users wake up freshly with the feeling of having rested during the sleep.

4. Avena: an application that promotes healthy eating habits and has the advice of experts who contact users as "a nutrition specialist can help you achieve better health and any other objective related to nutrition," says the app.

It has a menu of meals for occasions such as breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, but most functions are blocked for the free version of the app, so obtaining a plan could be the best option.

5. Pocket Yoga: this app is designed for all yoga lovers who do not have time to leave their home or those who want to try it for the first time. According to the Girl Power newspaper, it offers 27 different classes and more than 150 illustrated positions and allows you to save the record of the courses taken and then evaluate our progress.


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