5 Best Yoga YouTube Channels

Yoga is an alternative to improve health, reduce stress and increase self-confidence. Here we recommend some yoga YouTube channels that will help you improve your lifestyle.

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We recommend five YouTube channels that teach this discipline and that delve into how you can start practicing it and the benefits that it entails. Photo: Pexels

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected people's lives since the beginning of 2020. We have not only changed our behavior because of what the disease has produced in everyone, but also because of the consequences that have arisen due to the strict confinement measures that have been implemented. They have been applied to try to stop the spread of the virus in different countries. The deterioration in mental health and physical complications have been the main scars left by extensive quarantines on the world population.

For this reason, yoga, a practice that has its origins in India and that emphasizes the connection of the body with the mind, liberation and meditation to achieve better health in all its aspects, emerges as another alternative. This activity is ideal for those who have suffered from prolonged lockdowns and quarantines and who have seen their health deteriorate more and more in the last nineteen months.

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The benefits of yoga are multiple, and range from reducing blood pressure and heart rate, reduce stress level, make you able to fall asleep in a better way, improve concentration and coordination of your movements. Even yoga can also combat depression, anxiety, and muscle aches that you may be facing.

If you feel that your body is not working in the best way or if your body looks tired, fatigued or jaded by the long months in which you have not been able to carry out your life as you knew it before the pandemic and you want to start practicing yoga From your home, here we recommend five YouTube channels that teach this discipline. In these options you will delve into how you can start practicing it and the benefits that it entails.


More than three million subscribers, videos that sometimes border ten million reproductions and material that is perfectly replicable to make at home, that is offered by the MalovaElena channel and in Spanish. In addition, they focus on different specialties, such as yoga for beginners, intermediate or advanced groups, which means that you can go from less to more with them and go through the whole process. In addition, they offer you routines to improve your body's flexibility, stretching, and endurance.

Yoga With Adriene

It is one of the most successful yoga channels on YouTube in English, and it stands out because many of its videos have Spanish subtitles. It can be considered as an ideal channel for people who just want to start yoga, since it starts from the beginning and with basic concepts. As an extra, it also has exercises to lose weight, increase muscle mass and relieve certain muscle discomfort that your body may be going through.

Xuan Lan Yoga

This platform of online yoga and meditation classes completely in Spanish offers weekly videos where techniques to perform yoga are taught anywhere you are, offering a free plan but also a paid one. In the premium, it allows you to access exclusive and private content. The variety and diversity of the content produced make it one of the most desirable Spanish-language channels.

Ada Rios

It may not be exclusively a channel that talks about yoga, but here the youtuber addresses in just over 20 minutes and speaking both Spanish and English regarding the beginnings of this practice. His video is mainly aimed at beginners who want to start and who need to know simpler things such as knowing the implements they must use, the postures they have to perform and the first movements to perform.

Somos Gaia

If you are looking for a didactic channel and with various experts in the discipline, you may be in the right place. Somos Gaia has just over 244,000 subscribers and is a channel designed for those who already have a little more experience in the practice of yoga and thinking precisely of them is that they have teachers who are experts in the discipline and who share all their class by class knowledge, each video being at your fingertips and with a well explained step by step.

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