5 top free Disney games for quarantine

Disney is present on all platforms … even mobile games

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The Disney universe delights both young and old. We know that they are constantly developing new audiovisual products to attract their audience. For example, the media Télam comments that they recently presented Out, the company's first short film starring a gay character.

Regardless of this situation, it is clear that they would not stand still during the quarantine. Knowing that it is a time where people have more free time to spend on leisure, they decided to generate new content. Thus, according to the Clarín page, the Disney Junior children's platform enabled new games through its web platform to entertain the little ones.

However, we decided to go one step further. In this case, we know that many of the boys and girls in the homes have their own mobile devices or “borrow” those form their parents to use them. So, we decided to look for the best free mobile games for Android and iOS from Disney.

1. Disney Sorcerer's Arena

If you wanted to test your action skills in the world of Disney, this title will be quite attractive. We are talking about a game that consists of one-on-one combat, where each character will have different skills and strategies to take advantage of their opponents.

Among some of the characters that we will recognize at a glance, we can find Mickey Mouse, Pocahontas, Maleficent or Jack Sparrow. In short, you can choose the one that suits you best according to your play style, your favorite movie or the rival that you must defeat in a dynamic fight.

2. Disney Heroes Battle Mode

Looking for action and fun in the fantastic world of the mouse company? Disney Heroes Battle Mode may be what you needed. According to what the Xataka Movil website mentions, it is a title with about 50 available characters, including The Incredibles, Jack Sparrow and Buzz Lightyear, among others.

Its story is simple, but attractive: we are in a digital city where there is a virus that is corrupting every pixel. Although many will find similarities with the coronavirus situation, the reality is that it is a game that will not generate fear or anything like that.

3. Disney Princess Magical Gems

We move away from roleplaying or battle mechanics for a moment to make way for another type of game. In this case, we are talking about gameplay that we all know, which uses the combination of color gems to solve different puzzles, although with the addition of having Disney characters.

The protagonists of this installment will be Jasmine, Ariel, Bella, and other princesses of the franchise. Thanks to the use of different power-ups, we will be able to get more and more points to unlock more scenarios and other characters. A simple style, but also enjoyable.

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4. Disney Getaway Blast

Have you ever imagined your favorite Disney and Pixar characters in a vacation paradise? This is the story that generated this title, which has a style of puzzle solving quite similar to the previous one, through different very varied levels.

In addition, we will see that we will have the possibility to unlock some special and unique abilities. For example, Aladdin's Lamp or Elsa's Ice Magic from Frozen, making the catalog of eligible characters quite extensive, earning better rewards as we progress through the levels.

5. Disney Magic Kingdoms

Finally, we talk about one of the most interesting titles of the mouse company. The story places us in a Disney park where the magic was lost due to a spell from the villain Maleficent, so we must recover it and build our own amusement park.

With more than 1500 missions available, we will be able to meet 150 characters from the entire history of Disney and Pixar. In addition, according to what the specialized website of El Androide Libre says, we can "create attractions" according to the happiness of visitors, so it can be an ideal opportunity to create and virtually visit an amusement park in these times of quarantine.


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