Are you a first-time-mother? 4 mistakes you cannot make

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These are some mistakes you sometimes make as a first-time mom and that you should try to avoid

Newly mother? 4 mistakes you can not commit

If you are expecting a baby for the first time, you will surely be worried about how you will act once you have it in your arms. We all know that being a mom is difficult, more so if it's your first baby, and, of course, there is not an instruction manual, so you can make several mistakes, some are impossible not to make it, but others can be avoid.

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1. Prefer formula milk to breast milk

Many times for fear that the baby bites the nipples or because someone recommends the mothers to feed their baby with formula, but the truth is that it is much better to feed him with your milk.

It is a natural process and is beneficial for your little one and also for you, because he or she will receive all the nutrients that are necessary for its body at the right time and you will avoid a milk stagnation in your breasts, which can reach you to have mastitis

2. Stop spending time with your partner

One of the mistakes most new mothers make is to get away from their partner at this crucial moment. You must bear in mind that being a mother is not synonymous of stopping quality time with your soul mate.

Of course, the new member of the family will occupy them for a long time, but you can always take a moment to have privacy or go out to dinner. Remember that you can count on your family to take care of your baby for a while, it is good for your little one to relate to the rest of your family.

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3. Compare the development of your baby with that of other babies

We are all different, including your baby. There are different forms of intelligence and learning. You do not have to worry if your baby has a slower or faster development than other children of his age. It is good that you check him if you feel worried about it, but do not draw conclusions lightly. Remember: it's your baby and you love him as he is.

4. Neglecting yourself

Your baby has not come to steal your life or youth, but to bring you happiness and new experiences. Do not neglect your personal appearance or your social and emotional development. You can be a mom, keep having friends, keep working and taking care of yourself.

Keep consenting and being happy! Not only you must take charge of your child, remember that you have a partner who loves you to your baby in the same way, so that tasks can be divided to each have their space.

First of all remember that you must trust your instincts, you are a mom and at the end of the day you are the one who understands it best.


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