Best feminist memes for International Women’s Day

Here our favorites on this topic!

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Tomorrow is Internation Women's Day! Women around the world will be out at the streets to protest and make consciousness about the violent dynamics with which we have to deal everyday.

Humor can be a tool for women to protest and to make them see how harder is to be woman in the world. That is why, to celebrate International Women's Day and for you to have a very feminist weekend, we runite our favorite feminist jokes and memes on the internet.

You can laugh and be counscious and make other counscious about this topic while you enjoy this memes.



Una publicación compartida de ctrl alt delete (@ctrlaltdeleteshow) el



Una publicación compartida de Brown Girl Kim (@browngirlkim) el



Una publicación compartida de Diandra Moreira | Recovery (@thesugarbadger) el


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