Katy Perry is pregnant

Here's everything about the pop singer's news. 

Katy Perry pregnant.

Katy Perry announces her pregnancy in the video for her new song ‘Never Worn White’. / Photo: youtube.com/Katy Perry

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This week singer Katy Perry has announced that she expects her first child with actor Orlando Bloom. She announced it on an Instagram live in which she not only shows her pregnant belly but also shares with her fans her cravings and the way she is living this new and fruitful stage. She also announced that she will marry her current partner and that she will launch a new record project.


About her pregnancy

The singer, 35, will be a mother for the first time and will do so alongside actor Orlando Bloom, 43, who is already the father of a 9-year-old boy. The couple has also decided to get married. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel the singer revealed that on Valentine's Day the actor asked her to marry him on a helicopter flight over Los Angeles. It will be their second marriage, as Orlando Bloom was previously married to the model Miranda Kerr, mother of his son; and Katy Perry was married to Rusell Brand. In her first wedding ceremony, Katy Perry wore a gray wedding dress, hence the title of her new single "Never worn white".

The singer and the actor are a couple since 2016, but according to rumors, they were a few months apart until they re-formalized their relationship in 2018. Although they like to make appearances in galas and red carpets, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not a media couple, so it makes sense that they have waited a few months to share the news of the pregnancy with the world.

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About the album

The singer also announced that there will be two deliveries: one literal, that of her son; and a figurative one, that of her new record project. Thus, during these months Katy Perry was not only growing a new life but also a new album that her fans are waiting for with great expectation. Although the pregnancy was announced via a live Instagram of the singer, many of her fans noticed the news in the video of "Never worn white", in which in the end the singer sports her pregnancy belly.

This is the first single from the upcoming album and it was also one of the ways in which Katy Perry announced her pregnancy.

The wait for this album, although not so prolonged, is totally justifiable given that the singer's last record was Witness, released in 2017. Since then, we had heard little of this artist who arrives today to win our hearts again. This will be the fifth studio album of the singer.


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