Do you know how to relieve reflux in your baby?

There are several ways to relieve your baby if you suffer from reflux, a condition that occurs when food is returned from the stomach to the esophagus

Do you know how to relieve reflux in your baby?

It is very possible that babies suffer from gastroesophageal reflux during the first months of their life. This is a condition that occurs when the food is returned from the stomach to the esophagus and can be extremely annoying for both the baby and the parents, who do not know if it is feeding properly or not.

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According to the newspaper Crecer Feliz, some babies are more likely to suffer from reflux:

– Children more than girls
– Those prone to accumulate gases
– Preterm infants and those born with a weight below the average
– Those with a family history of reflux and/or a hiatal hernia
– Babies of nervous temperament

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In its most serious stage, the symptoms of reflux include, according to Bekia Fathers:

– A lot of coughs, especially after meals
– Extremely strong vomiting
– Excessive vomiting during the first weeks that usually gets worse with the milk intake
– Excessive crying that may suggest that the baby is in pain
– Lack of appetite
– Slow growth
– Weightloss

However, we must bear in mind that this happens rarely and that reflux, although it is annoying, does not usually affect the good nutrition and growth of babies and can be improved with simple actions:

• Feed your baby in an upright position and then lie him up or to his left side
• Raise your head with a pillow while sleeping in your crib
• Since babies' clothes can affect their proper digestion, you should dress them in loose clothes made of natural fabrics
• You can try to give a smaller amount of breast or formula each time you feed it and compensate by giving it to eat more times in the day. Also, make sure you get the air out every time you feed it
• Add rice cereals, a small spoonful to 60 ml of bottle milk or expressed breast milk
• Do not expose your baby to unpleasant odors, perfumes or excessively strong air fresheners or tobacco smoke, as this may increase the risk of suffering from reflux

If in spite of following all these recommendations your baby does not experience any improvement, it is advisable that you consult with your pediatrician because perhaps your child needs a medical treatment to alleviate this disorder.


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