Do you know what is baby acne?

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Has your baby had an outbreak on his face? We tell you what it is and how you can treat it

Do you know what is baby acne?

Baby acne is an outbreak and reddening of the skin that usually appears on the faces of babies. You can identify it because it is very similar to the acne that appears in adolescents. These small bumps can appear on your baby's cheeks, nose, and forehead.

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When does it appear?

Your baby may have been born with some little buds on his face, these usually disappear within weeks or even days of his birth. It may also appear two or four weeks after delivery and it will also disappear in weeks or days. In these cases, it is common acne lactating, also known as acne milar.

Why does it happen?

Many mothers believe that it has to do with what they are eating and are passing their babies with the milk they produce, and believe that it is best to stop breastfeeding. But it is not like that, the milk that you give to your baby is the best food that he will receive during this stage

The acne of the infant is produced by the accumulation of fat that is trapped in the pores and is completely normal, as it happens with the common acne of the adolescent. So you do not have to worry about the milk you're giving him.

It is dangerous?

If the acne disappears in weeks or days you should not worry, as we already mentioned it is completely normal. It is also common for bumps to redden if your baby gets hot or bothers. Keep in mind that your baby does is not pain or discomfort.

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However, if you notice that your child has protuberances in other parts of the body other than those already mentioned, that do not disappear after two months or that the outbreak appears more scaly than with pimples, it is possible that acne is not common and you should take him to the pediatrician so that he can prescribe a dermatological cream or a special treatment.

How can I treat it?

It is best that you do not apply any cream for dermatological use unless your pediatrician has recommended it. You should also avoid applying oily products. Put on soft clothes that the outbreak can no longer affect. Wash your face only with soap and water, do not try to do a deep cleaning or anything by Elelilo, this will only make it irritate more skin.


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