More football for the fans! Europe prepares a new club tournament

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UEFA wants European football to be even more inclusive, and has, therefore, approved a new competition that, for the time being, they have called the Europa League 2

More football for the fans! Europe prepares a new club tournament

UEFA officials met a few days ago in Dublin, Ireland, to discuss the terms of the new high-level competition for European football. The creation of this competition has a specific reason and is to achieve a greater inclusion of the 34 countries that are part of this geographical region. Specifically, as the newspaper La Vanguardia pointed out, the words of Aleksander Čeferin, UEFA president, were the following:

"There was a great demand from all the clubs to increase their chances of participating more regularly in a European competition. It has been achieved, with a strategic focus, and in accordance with UEFA's goal, to have more quality and more inclusion in our club competitions".

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According to this governing body, the Europa League 2 would be released for the period 2021-2024 where its validity and operation will be seen compared to the other two competitions.

How will it work?

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The creation of this new European competition will have a standard and practical system, which will allow playing more than 140 games in 15 weeks. Its operation was explained in detail by the newspaper Claro Marca Colombia as follows:

1. This contest will have 8 groups, each composed of 4 teams; In addition, it will have 4 phases, eighth-finals, quarterfinals, semifinals and one final.

2. An additional phrase will be played before the round of 16, where the teams that remain in the second and third place will play some games to decide which teams will qualify to the next round.

3. Finally, the champion of this competition will have a direct pass to the Europa League.

In addition, the mentioned newspaper explained that the matches of the Europa League 2 will be played on Thursday since the other two European competitions have their place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; It should be noted that the final of the three mentioned competitions would be held in the same week.

A forced decision?

The Football Leaks platform revealed information about the creation of a supposed Super League. According to the GQ magazine, this new filtration reveals communications carried out between clubs like Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus to create a new league, because some managers are not satisfied with the winnings and the number of matches they have have to play their teams.

These statements had such a stir in Europe that UEFA's top brass, commanded by Slovenian Čeferin, decided to announce the creation of the aforementioned new competition.

But nevertheless, how would this decision benefit the great European teams? Well, although there will be a greater inclusion of clubs, also, it would create a kind of "natural filter" where the best teams can only access the UEFA Champions League, and the rest of the clubs can participate in the other two contests.


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