Does everyone want to meet your baby? 7 tips for visitors

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So that the visits of your relatives or close friends do not overwhelm you and be a happy moment, there are some basic ones that you could ask them to keep in mind when arriving at your house

Guide to your baby's visits: what you should know?

We have all gone to visit newborns at some time, and we have asked ourselves things like what is right? How should I behave? Will I bother the baby and the parents? Now that your baby was born, it is likely that your questions are about how to handle the visits taking care of your child.

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So that the visits of your family or close friends do not overwhelm you and be a happy moment, there are some basic things you could ask them to keep in mind when they arrive at your house:

1. Do not let someone in if they are sick: according to the newspaper Eres Mamá, the first days your baby will continue to be very delicate, and it will not be convenient to live with people who have a cold or illness of any kind.

2. Ask them to wash their hands: although it is possible that everyone awakens your baby tenderness and wants to hold him in his arms, you must remember that hands are carriers of many germs, so every time someone enters your home you should ask him to wash his hands.

3. Think about your comfort: according to the Infobae newspaper, it is important that you and your partner feel comfortable, confident and give each other the time and space they need before opening the doors of their home, to face this new stage.

4. They should never smoke in the same room as the baby and mother, and they should not smell tobacco when they visit you.

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5. Another issue to consider is how long the appointment should last. You and your baby need to rest and be in a climate of tranquility, so it is recommended that the visit does not extend beyond 20 minutes. There will be the time in the following weeks for your loved ones to enjoy the new member of the family.

6. Fill yourself with patience: with the arrival of the baby, it is possible that many people want to give you advice on motherhood and that this overwhelms you. Their intentions are the best, so you should not let them alter when you receive a comment. However, if they are making you feel uncomfortable, you can always ask respectfully to be quiet or to end the visit whenever you want to.

7. Finally, it would be good to bring an agenda with visiting hours to regulate the number of people entering your home and not saturate your baby's room. This will make the meetings much more bearable.


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