Dog Day: What Have Been the Most Famous Canines?

On the occasion of the celebration of Dog Day, we share a short list of the most recognized dogs in history.

Lassie, Hachiko, Beethoven

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Almost two decades have passed since various nations around the world decided to globally choose July 21 as Dog Day. When talking about pets, the dog is the one that tends to have the most popularity; and when they decreed this day, they did so because of the fidelity that these animals show to the humans that accompany them.

Precisely, the reason a day of the year was picked to dedicate it to dogs was given in order to raise awareness about the problems that these pets go through. The mistreatment and abandonment of dogs are already punishable behaviors in several countries around the world. There are also adoption campaigns for dogs that need a home, or donations for organizations that care for those who are sick or live on the street.

Throughout history, various dogs have become famous for the role they have played in history or in the audiovisual industry. Many have achieved notable fame in public opinion and, in fact, there are some who are considered public figures. Next, we leave a brief list of the most famous dogs.


One of the most remarkable milestones in the space race is held by this Soviet dog, the first living being to orbit the Earth. Her journey on the Sputnik 2 ship culminated in the death she suffered on November 3, 1957, with just three years of life. Since then, her name is the most popular among dogs; So much so that the most popular technological platform dedicated to pets bears her name.


Actually, she is the most famous dog in the audiovisual industry. As a character, she was unique, but her role was played by a handful of collies. The paradox is that the female dog was always played by male dogs of the famous breed in the series and movies. The reason is that the episodes were generally recorded in summer, and the fur of the males did not become extinct as much as that of the female collies.

Rin Tin Tin

It's a similar case to Lassie. This German shepherd is a survivor of the First World War and the soldier who saved him as a puppy, Lee Duncan, introduced him to the world of cinema. During the 1920s and early 1930s, he participated in various productions. When he died in 1932, his name was given to other German Shepherds who played his character.

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This Chow-Chow was key in several of the works and sessions given by Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. Jofi was a gift that accompanied Freud through hundreds of sessions with his patients. He helped him identify when his patient was calm or upset, as the dog would approach them when he felt calm. The dog died before the exile to which Freud was subjected in 1939.


Few dogs have generated such strong global empathy like Hachiko. His story has been told in a couple of movies and symbolizes the bond of fidelity that unites dogs with humans. The story of the years that he spent waiting for his owner at Shibuya Station without knowing that he had died went viral and reached every corner of the world. For this reason, he also has a monument in Tokyo.

Chris (Beethoven)

Beethoven, with his saga, has become the most popular dog in cinema in recent years. The story of this Saint Bernard, whose real name was Chris, was extended by more than six films in the saga and another couple. Chris died at the age of 12 and was only on the set of the first two movies. His character was later played by other Saint Bernard dogs.

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