New Competition: Everything you Need to Know About the NBA In-Season Tournament

The NBA announced the creation of the In-Season Tournament, a championship that will revolutionize the best league in the world. We tell you everything you need to know about this new tournament.

NBA In-Season Tournament

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The best basketball league in the world continues with a clear objective, to promote its talents in the best way and generate greater profits with its sporting events. This is why, for the 2023-2024 season, Adam Silver, commissioner of the league, announced the arrival of a new tournament for the NBA. The In-Season Tournament is positioned as a revolutionary idea that would change all the rules of the game.

Everything you need to know

The In-Season Tournament will be an additional cup that will be played by the 30 teams that currently belong to the NBA. As the days go by, there will only be 8 franchises that will play the final rounds, these will be defined by keys to a single game played, this system being quite similar to that of a World Cup.

For the start of this new tournament, the NBA drew 6 groups of 5 teams. In the first round, all the franchises will have to face four matches, in which they will face their group rivals, the teams that remain in first place will go directly to the next phase. Likewise, the two best seconds will go on to fill the table for the quarterfinals.

Will it affect the regular season?

With the arrival of this new tournament, the question that was asked the most is if more games will be played during the regular season. Given this, Adam Silver was clear when commenting that the group stage matches will go at the same time as the league ones, so no more matches than those already planned will be played.

In-Season Night

With this aspect, the NBA commissioner commented that during the regular season there will be ‘In-Season Night’, these will be games that will be worth double, since the result will not only count for the league, but also for the In-Season Tournament. For example, Memphis faces Portland in the regular season of the league, in that match the score will also count for the group stage of the new tournament, so it is confirmed that no more commitments than those already agreed will be played.

Definite dates

The new championship will start on November 3, so the first games of the regular season will not be affected by the arrival of this competition. The idea with which this tournament is played at this time of year is to raise the level of the teams, which during October, November, and December play at a slower pace. With this, the league directives hope to give a better show to all their fans.

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The semifinals and final of this competition are agreed to be held in December, matches that will be held in the city of Las Vegas, so no team will have the home advantage in these final rounds. This is one of the most striking changes for this new tournament, which could give a higher level of competition and drama to these matches.

A great incentive

To draw the attention of not only the fans, but also the athletes, the NBA announced the prizes for the teams that reach the final rounds of this new tournament. The franchise that wins the title of the competition will be given $500,000 to each player on its roster. Second place will receive $200,000, semifinalists will receive $100,000 and reaching the quarterfinals will have a prize of $50,000.

With these large amounts of money, the NBA hopes to have enough motivation for all its athletes, remembering that these awards will not be given to the teams, but to each player belonging to the franchise that reaches the final rounds of the competition.

The big beneficiaries

With the arrival of this new tournament, the great beneficiaries will be basketball fans, who will see a different competition, which will not affect what is already established and which will give a quality leap to the quietest moment of the season. This is why, from now on, many applauded the confirmation of this competition. For now, it remains to wait for the month of November to begin to analyze all the good and bad things that the In-Season Tournament will have.

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