5 apps that will help you improve your study habits

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The apps that we present below will help you improve your study habits and have more control over your time and your life

5 apps that will help you improve your study habits

Whether because of the environment, the time in which the activity is done or the mood you have: the distraction is one of the factors that most affects when studying. That distraction usually also focuses on a technological device and, moreover, it seems that time passes faster when we are on our cell phone, or hasn't it happened to you that you are studying, a notification comes to your cellphone and you open it and check Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and when you are going to see, an hour has already passed?

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But your cell phone or computer can also serve as a very useful tool to help you stay focused on your duties. We present 5 apps that will not only help you have a better use of time but also improve your study habits.

1. FlowTimer

This application uses the method developed by Francesco Cirillo called Pomodoro Technique, which seeks to efficiently manage the time that has been given spaces to focus on what should be done and spaces to rest and have active breaks. It works in the following way:

  • It begins by activating a timer of 25 minutes in which the activity is carried out until the alarm sounds.
  • Take a break, also timed, of 5 minutes. You can use it to stretch, to respond to a notification (although the recommended thing is not to do it) or to eat something.
  • The 25-minute timer is activated again and the process is repeated. Every four pomodoros (focus times) a break of 25 minutes is taken.

FlowTimer has a free and a paid version, it works automatically and it establishes the times in which you work. You can also label the pomodoros and, with the paid version, change the colors of the platform to your liking.


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2. Forest

This application only has paid version, but it is one of the best ways to motivate you to study and not get distracted by your cell phone. It also works as a timer where you can set focus periods of up to 120 minutes.

Once you establish how long you will work and start the timer, you will 'plant' a tree and if you leave the application, your tree will die. For each tree planted you will have a certain amount of coins which will help you buy more seeds from other trees so that your forest is more diverse.

Also, when you have 2500 coins you can plant a real tree and be part of a community that is not only productive but also helps create a greener world. At the moment, the application has sown 389,751 trees.

The application also has purchases within it, but only to buy elixirs or tools so that your trees grow faster, but not to buy more coins. It is an excellent application so you do not cheat yourself. In addition, every time you look at your cell phone, the application will show you messages such as "Keep going!, Do not stop," "Go back to work!", "Stop looking at me and concentrate!"


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3. Asana

Many times, the distraction is due to lack of order and if it is difficult to organize a single person, organizing several is a nightmare. Asana is an application for mobile and web that works as a platform to manage group projects. You can have more than one project and several groups that are differentiated by boards in which you can hold conversations with your colleagues and assign them tasks, which will be notified.


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4. Smiling Mind

Staying focused when life seems to be chaotic is much harder than it seems. Sometimes it is necessary to pause, breathe, clear the mind and move on. One of the best ways to do this is to meditate, but if you've never done it, it sounds strange and you may not know where to start.

Smiling Mind is a guided meditation application that has several programs focused on different cases, among them, there are several for students. The meditations have a time between 4 and 30 minutes so you can choose the time that best serves you regarding your other responsibilities. In addition, it has different types of meditation: from those you can do at home sitting on the floor or lying down to what you can do while you exercise or go on public transportation.


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5. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a mobile and desktop application that works as a notebook to write the things you have to do. You can divide your tasks by categories into folders and differentiate the most urgent from what can be dispensable for at least a while. It is an excellent application to fulfill your 'to do's' and make your goals more achievable.


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