How people from Latin American can become a nurse in UK

In 2019, it became evident that the UK would have to start hiring nurses from abroad. A nurse, who is trained outside the UK and EEA, can get a job in Great Britain as long as the standards are met. The recruits are especially important in areas where the British educational system hasn’t invested in proper training. Such is the case with nurses who work in operating rooms.   

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The Philippines and India are the main sources for nurse recruiting. They have high-quality training programs, and the UK has experience of recruiting employees there. Due to the serious health staff shortage in the UK, applicants from other countries are not excluded. As long as they are competitive, nurses from Latin American countries can fit in the program.   

First Step: The NMC Register

Anyone who wants to work as a nurse in the UK must register with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). The registration does not include any writing project; just a brief multiple-choice test. Everyone who meets the standards of the Council can register for membership. 

Being registered with the NMC does not guarantee you a job. The membership is just your first step; you still don’t have the right to work in the UK.

How do you become a member of the NMC?

  • First, you’ll need to complete a multiple-choice test on a computer. The test is available for candidates from multiple countries. The official NMC website provides more information on how to register to take the test in your country.

  • The second part is the so-called OSCE (objective-structured clinical examination). It’s a practical test that requires your presence in the UK. 

Since this program is intended for trained and experienced nurses, it doesn’t impose the need for a period of supervised practice. If you pass the test and practical examination, you can start hunting for jobs. There’s a catch: that’s a condition that only nurses from EU states meet.  

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What Are the Remaining Steps of the Process? 

Since you come from a Latin American country, it means you haven’t trained to become a nurse in an EU member state. This means that you don’t qualify for automatic qualification recognition. You’ll need to go through a few other steps:

  • Complete the OET (Occupational English Test) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). These tests include a writing assignment. You might need to be confident & choose custom nursing assignment help, since the writing part is challenging. The point is to prove that you feel confident using the English language in a professional setting.  

  • Provide evidence that you went through a pre-registration nursing program that was taught and examined in English. 

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If you’ve had your qualifications recognized by an EU state, you can skip these steps. The UK government will treat you as any other applicant from an EU member state. 

The Issue of Assimilation Vs. Integration

The UK has a unique approach to citizenship. In most countries, immigrants go through a process of integration, which enables them to become functional members of society. In the UK, immigrants gain citizenship based on “Britishness” and identity. This is a process of so-called integration and assimilation. 

The most popular politicians, from David Cameron to Gordon Brown, have stood by the concept of Britishness, emphasizing the importance of common values. When going through the process, you’ll go through interviews after applying. The candidates are getting challenging questions. You may be asked to talk about the country’s approach to gun control. It’s a long-term process that feels more comfortable once you get there and start living in the British society.

For nurses, who are employed as a part of the NMC program, citizenship is not necessary. They can stay and work in the country as long as they meet the program’s standards.

Nursing Is a Rewarding Profession in the UK

You became a nurse because you wanted to help people and save lives. You can get that rewarding experience in any country in the world. But if you want to live and work in the UK, you’ll like your profession even better. Due to shortages in nursing, hospitals and medical institutions from all around the country are hiring nurses from abroad. 

The process of getting a permit and starting to work will be challenging. You’ll go through a few steps, but they won’t take a long time. If you’re a qualified nurse with a good command of the English language, you have great chances to meet the standards. 

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