5 Entrepreneur Women Movies to Inspire you to Achieve your Dreams

These phenomenal characters will make you mentally connected to the women who are in the films and inspire you to start your own business.

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The enterprising and empowered woman is the human embodiment of strength and courage, with enough guts to pursue and achieve her dreams and her goals.

At The Woman Post, we made a selection of inspiring films with stories of female entrepreneurs who left everything on the canvas to achieve their dreams.

1. Sunshine Cleaning

On the surface, Sunshine Cleaning, which is about a small-time crime scene clean-up crew, is an offbeat and endearing drama with just the right amount of comedy, but if you dig a little deeper, what you find is a very smart morality play that's perfect for difficult times. The movie stars Amy Adams as Rose, a struggling single mother who is on the downside of a life that she expected more from and Emily Blunt as Nora, her sister. We see the faces of two inspiring women. Rose, armed with a can of cleanser, a pair of rubber gloves, and a smile, faces off against a bloody bathroom and starts to try to build a better life for herself. These enterprising women remind us that it will be hard work, not a miracle, that will save us.

2. Joy

This movie is brilliant from the cast: Jennifer Lawrence as Joy, the main character, and the participation of big names such as Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, and Edgar Ramírez. Directed by David O'Rusell, Joy shows us a true story about an entrepreneur that invented the miracle mop and got to sell it succesfully over television. "This particular woman has her dreams and her aspirations that she's put on hold for her entire life," says the Oscar-winning actress during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. An inspirational movie for entrepreneur women.

3. Chocolat

This story takes place in a little town in France. The character of Vianne arrives there and decides to set up a chocolate shop. She has been traveling from one place to another with her daughter, running from her past. On top of her coming, there is also the "river-rats," which are the gypsies that arrive every year. Roux, played by Johnny Depp, leads this community and takes a loving interest in the protagonist. Vianne's chocolate will slowly influence the life of this French community in different but interesting ways. This ambitious film won the "Contemporary Cinema" category of the ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards. A must-watch.

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4. Dream, Girl

Dream Girl is a documentary film telling the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs in and around New York City. The women to feature in the movie were found on a feminist blog called Feminists Wednesdays created by Erin Bagwell, one of the producers of the film. In her blog, Bagwell used to send every Wednesday empowering and inspiring newsletters to her subscriber inbox. She would feature creators, artists, and activists all across the world and felt especially drawn to entrepreneur stories. Most of these women share their information in this documentary, including the courage to quit their job to reach their dreams.

5. Coco Before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel is a great fashion film that tells the unknown story behind one of the most successful women entrepreneurs of all time. Chanel is synonymous with good taste and style, so we will see her journey to get there. Within the movie, her beautiful visuals symbolisms and reflections on elements in her early life and trajectory to then became the different codes of the brand. Creating a film in a designer's life can be challenging because it's hard to capture entertainingly on the big screen. However, Coco Before Chanel will immerse you in the creative mind of one of the most famous icons of fashion history.

All these histories based on different women experiences remind us that resilience is the answer to every difficult along the way. Taking the time to focus on the life that you want to have can be considered as an investment for your future. Don't lead fear hold you down, and don't forget that the first step is always to start.

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