Neil Pasricha and His Approaches to Positivity and Simple Pleasures

There are many reasons why reading is important to all of us: Increase our curiosity and knowledge, keeps us informed, wake up our imagination, nurture inspiration and bring ideas to life.

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Reading allows us to connect and put ourselves in the shoes of other people, exercises our brain, makes us remember, know and learn, release our emotions, keeps us busy, entertained, and distracted, allows us to know ourselves better, allows us to share our readings, helps text comprehension, improves grammar, vocabulary, and writing, facilitates communication, makes us feel active and that we can concentrate, allows relaxation, allows us to investigate the topics that interest us the most, allows us to grow as people.

Happy Reading

"I realized that for years I had thought of my bookshelf as a fixed object and something artistic: There it is, sitting next to the flower vases! Now I think of it as a dynamic organism. Always in movement. Always changing. In any given week I probably add about five books to the shelf and get rid of three or four. The books arrive through lending libraries in our neighborhood, a fantastic used bookstore, local indie stores and chains, and, of course, online outlets. Books come out when we pass them on to friends, sell them to the used bookstore, or leave them at the lending library. This dynamism means that I am always walking towards the shelf, never walking down it. As a result, I read more," explains Neil Pasricha, a Canadian author, entrepreneur, podcaster, and public speaker characterized by his advocacy of positivity and simple pleasures.

Pasricha is frequently sought out by media outlets as an expert on the topics. In his article "8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year," he asks how much do we read.


“For most of my adult life, I read maybe five books a year if I was lucky. I’d read a couple on vacation and I’d always have a few slow burners hanging around the bedside table for months. And then last year I surprised myself by reading 50 books. This year I’m on pace for 100. I’ve never felt more creatively alive in all areas of my life. I feel more interesting”, says who is best known for "The Book of Awesome" series and "The Happiness Equation" which are international bestsellers.

Books Go Out

“You may be wondering why I don’t just read e-books on a mobile device, saving myself all the time and effort required to bring books in and out of the house. In an era when our movie, film, and photography collections are all going digital, there is something grounding about having an organically growing collection of books in the home. If you want to get deep, perhaps it’s a nice physical representation of the evolution and changes in your mind while you’re reading. And since many of us look at screens all day, it can be a welcome change of pace to hold an actual book in your hands,” assures.

“When do I read now? All the time. A few pages here. A few pages there. I have a book in my bag at all times…”, writes the author who thinks about failure, resilience, happiness, trust, and gratitude.

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