Who Are The Highest Paid Soccer Players Of 2021?

Forbes released the list of the highest-paid soccer players of 2021.

Cristiano, Messi and Neymar

The formula for success in the world of football is usually associated with the individual performance of the player and the collective performance of the team. Photos: IG-cristiano, IG-leomessi, IG-neymarjr

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The formula for success in the world of soccer is usually associated with the individual performance of the player and the collective performance of the team. By connecting the two in the right way, the result brings with its titles, world recognition, fame, money, sponsors, among many other things. Although this sport has experienced low hours due to the pandemic, that has not been an excuse for those figures who during 2021 have not stopped generating income, thus becoming the highest-paid soccer players in the world.

One of the peculiarities that occurred in the past transfer market was the change of teams that the two world soccer stars had: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. And it is that what both players generate at the media level is not done by any other, or at least for now. Proof of this was the sales of t-shirts both in the city of Manchester and in Paris, thus demonstrating the power they have to generate money in a matter of hours.

With this in mind, and as they usually do every year, Forbes published its list of the soccer players who have had the most economic income this season between salary and endorsements. It is worth mentioning that the bottom part of the top 10 is occupied by Eden Hazard (29 million dollars), Gareth Bale (32 million), Paul Pogba (34 million), Andrés Iniesta (35 million), and Robert Lewandowski (35 million). Here are the top five paid in 2021.

5. Mohamed Salah

Since his arrival at Anfield in 2017, both the club and the Egyptian have appreciated greatly. Currently, Salah is Liverpool's most important player for all the offensive contributions he generates, but also, as Forbes mentions, thanks to his presence, anti-Muslim attacks in England have decreased, demonstrating the respect and admiration that people have for him. In total, the attacker has an income of 41 million divided between the 25 of salary and 16 by the sponsors.

4. Kylian Mbappé

The present and future of world soccer pass through his boots. The 22-year-old Frenchman came close to arriving at Real Madrid this summer for quite a high amount considering the post-pandemic era, but in the end, it didn't happen. On the courts, he is a great scorer and off them, he has had the opportunity to be the cover of the FIFA game for two consecutive editions (21 and 22). Regarding his income, with his salary of 28 million and another 15 for sponsorships, he reaches the figure of 43 million dollars.

3. Neymar

After triumphing with FC Barcelona, the Brazilian made the decision to change of scene in 2017 and landed in Paris, the ideal place to start a stage at the helm of PSG that signed him for more than 200 million dollars. Since then, several titles in France, as well as a few others with the Brazilian team, have made him a media player and also controversial. His talent is innate, there is no doubt about that, and thanks to that he has generated a total of 95 million dollars, adding his salary of 75 million plus the 20 in sponsorships.

2. Lionel Messi

The departure of the Argentine star from FC Barcelona, after more than two decades, meant the end of a golden era full of titles and awards at the individual and collective level. The only club capable of paying the chip of one of the most important and talented soccer players in the world is PSG, who put together a fearsome team for this season. In total, Messi generated about 110 million that are divided between his new salary (75 million) and the sponsors (35 million).

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

And it is that the only one capable of beating Messi in this area is the Portuguese. With 36 years of age and a soccer trajectory with more than 30 titles between the English, Spanish and Italian leagues; Cristiano has also been successful with Portugal by winning a European Championship and also becoming the top scorer at the national level in history. His return to Manchester United in 2021 was a very wise decision that catapulted him to the first place on this list with income of 125 million dollars (70 in salary plus 55 in sponsorships).

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