The benefits of distance learning in the quarantine

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some institutions decided to implement virtual classes. Let's see some benefits of this modality!

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We are in an atypical situation, since the day to day that we were used to has been modified due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. This includes new modalities at work, but also when studying since it is suggested to avoid face-to-face contact to prevent the spread of the virus. 

So, we noticed that some educational institutions decided to implement virtual classes momentarily, something that the Argentine media Clarín comments on, where different establishments will use applications, virtual classrooms and social networks so that people can learn.

Of course, distance learning is not a new thing, but many people will be unaccustomed to this methodology. However, although adaptation may seem difficult at first, the reality is that studying virtually has a number of very important benefits, which we will show you below.

There are no distance or culture limitations

This fact is one of the most important to understand, since, according to what the La Voz del Interior website mentions, Unesco registers more than 420 million students without classes in the world. Therefore, an alternative education implies contact with new cultures.



Accessing a digital education implies that there will be different educators willing to teach you with a unique methodology. Similarly, if your university provides you with a virtual campus of your own, you can always complement it with another explanation from a person who may be foreign to your country of residence.

More free time

A real-life class is not only limited to the explanation of theory and practice. You will have seen it in some teachers who begin to talk about their personal lives in the classroom, if you think about it carefully, in a classic classroom, a lot of time is wasted since they have to comply with the schedule established by the institution. Well, here you set the timetables, so you ensure much more direct teaching.

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Multiple formats

Since we are talking about virtual teaching, there will be thousands of formats through which you can teach and learn. The good thing about this is that they can all complement each other, so a campus can be used to link to a video on YouTube or attach text documents to reinforce a lecture. Many educational institutions only have a blackboard for teaching, while here the possibilities increase exponentially.



Una publicación compartida por La profe online (@la_profe_online) el


This can also be seen with a novelty mentioned on the El Litoral website, where it is explained that the GoSchool company allows educators to access its teaching platform for free, to ensure that there is communicative feedback between students and teachers. In other words, through this technology the teacher can suggest other forms of teaching and even the students themselves could propose new alternatives.

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Much greater personalization of learning

This last point is one of the most relevant since we will have the possibility to learn how we want it. Many students who are shy, for example, do not dare to ask the teacher questions in the middle of the class. By doing it virtually, they can leave a comment or communicate by direct message with the tutor, satiating all their doubts.

Similarly, it is not necessary to be fully attentive to the lecture for fear of missing it. Since the file will be posted on the Internet, we will be able to see the class as many times as we want, at the time we feel like it, providing greater student comfort when it comes to learning.

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