10 Anti-War Movies That Will Help You Study The Nature Of War

Here is a list of emblematic films that emphasize the sequels derived from war conflicts.

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Gran Torino'

We show you some of the films that emphasize the sequels derived from war conflicts. Photo: YT-Movieclips

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The Deer Hunter

A classic of cinema from the 70s. It portrays with great humanism and audiovisual beauty the drastic change in the lives of three friends after their participation in the Vietnam War. The film is divided into three parts, the peaceful and friendly life before the war, the battles in Vietnam where we see the crimes and horrors of the war, and the return home, with deep psychological wounds.

Gran Torino

From the mythical Clint Eastwood. A hopeful film where an emotionally damaged Korean War veteran, very bitter in his present life, will open his mind against the racist and stereotypical culture. All this from a friendship and an affective bond with some neighbors of a Korean ethnic group, facing cultural prejudices born during his time in the army.

Waltz With Bashir

Ari Folman introduces us on a journey to discover what was his role in the war in Lebanon, in the massacre of Sabra and Chatilia, a journey that begins with a poetic and at the same time traumatic dream that encourages him to investigate the meaning hidden in the images that disturb him. An animated, different and remarkable film, where strong criticisms of fanaticism and war are outlined.


A film class by Denis Villeneuve, where the consequences of war crimes in the Middle East are explored. A film that proposes to combat cultural prejudice and extreme religious fanaticism.

The Hurt Locker

The 2010 Oscar-winning film provides a fascinating look at the psychological effects of war on a bomb-sniffing soldier in Iraq. A man who seems to have a great emptiness without any sensitivity, but inside he carries great damage. He has become addicted to adrenaline and that causes him not to want to return to his family and, instead, only want to take refuge in the absurd terrain of war.


The story is based on a conflict between brothers, but we rescued it because the film explores the upheavals and horrors of war in a soldier who is kidnapped by the Taliban. It also installs the theme of pain in the family.

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Thank You for Your Service

Another film that criticizes Bush's efforts to attack and send innocent soldiers to Iraq. In this case, about three marines who return to their homes, with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorders and nightmares about what they experienced on the battlefield.

Born on The Fourth of July

Oliver Stone gives us a critical look at the Vietnam War. Ron Kovic returns to America with irreparable physical damage, but despite this, he still has a strong love for his nation and a sense of patriotism. Little by little he will open his eyes to realize how the war is a lie and how it has seriously affected his life.

Cold war

A beautiful film with a love story between a theater teacher and a dancer, in post-war times in Poland. A difficult relationship due to obstacles of the political and cultural conjuncture, products of the war, which prevented over the years the continuous love affair of both characters.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

Beyond the funny title, the film deals with the current life of a war veteran from an introspective point of view. A man who supposedly was in charge of killing Hitler, a man who is afflicted by a very great internal crisis, because his departure to the Second World War meant moving away from the love of his life.


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