10 apocalyptic movies that will make you reflect on climate change

There is a large catalog of post-apocalyptic films and about the end of the world, but there are few that invoke the consequences of climate change .

Still from the movie 'Planet of the Apes'

We show you some of the post-apocalyptic movies and about the end of the world. Photo: YT-Planet of the Apes

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The Road

The Highway, based on Cormarc McCarthy's novel: A Father and Son Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic Environment in North America, where it appears that nature was ravaged by a nuclear holocaust. The main threat they must survive is human beings themselves.

The Host

A supernatural beast emerges from the waters of the Han River in South Korea. We add this movie, because the human-eating monster is the result of pollution and toxic waste that is thrown into the river.

The Day After Tomorrow

The film explores the consequences that global warming could cause, what kind of catastrophes it brings, starting a new ice age, with an epicenter throughout the Northern Hemisphere.


The Korean film Bong Joo-ho shows us a world submerged in a desert of ice and snow, the product of a failed experiment to combat advanced global warming. The last survivors live in a train called Snowpiercer (snow breaker), divided into the carriages according to the social class to which they belong.

Mad Max Trilogy

George Miller's renowned franchise, key to pop culture, is set in a desert world where water, oil and energy are scarce. The world literally turns into hell.

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A super production by Christopher Nolan, set in a hypothetical future devastated by global warming, where it is not possible to harvest and where there is a lack of oxygen in the oceans, making it difficult for human beings to breathe.


Kevin Costner stars in this apocalyptic story, where the glacial layers of ice have melted and caused floods that left the land below sea level , leading the population to survive on species of atolls built by themselves.


A spectacular Disney and Pixar animation film for the entire public and not just for children. A small robot called Wall-E created for cleaning, survives in the devastated earth, collapsed with garbage.

Planet of the Apes trilogy

The last two installments of Matt Reves' Planet of the Apes, which make up the trilogy of the last decade with Rise of The planet of the Apes becoming prequels to the 1968 classic, address the origins of the Rise of the Apes. Beyond the confrontation and war between humans and primates that the last three installments deal with, we are shown the unhealthy manipulation of man in the scientific field towards animals, altering the genetics of animals in laboratories, unleashing a powerful virus that little by little it will affect ecosystems and destroy the life of human beings, leaving them on the brink of extinction and nuclear wars as we contemplate in the last movie War for the planet of the apes.

The Book of Eli

Although it was rejected by critics, The book Of Eli gives us the vision of a hostile world, with flora and fauna in extinction, uninhabited and desert lands. It shows us a world where crime and extreme survival reign, an apocalyptic era started by a nuclear holocaust.

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