5 best dressed female Latin American athletes

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These women athletes know how to dress

5 best dressed female Latin American athletes

The public loves to swoon over hunky athletes who have both talent and good looks, but if those qualities are supplemented even with a great fashion sense, things get even better. Athletes understand that attracting sponsors is not an easy task (look at Simona Halep and Adidas) and it requires a significant amount of time and effort. Lately, in addition to these skills, a particular aesthetic and great personal style have become prerequisites for success. Especially for female contestants, athlete endorsements and sexy marketing go hand in hand.

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According to Kevin Adler, Chief Engagement Officer at Engage Marketing, for “female athletes it’s definitely as much about their looks as it is about their performance” thus women need to prove themselves not only in the sports arena but also in front of cameras, embodying feminine stereotypes.

Bellow, you will find a list of female athletes who win big in the style game, bringing in big checks from advertising campaigns and adverts with celebrity endorsement. These Latin American female athletes have the world at their trendy feet thanks to their skills, charismatic personalities, exotic beauty, and fantastic personal style.

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Monica Puig. The Puerto Rican native is pushing boundaries for Latinas while inspiring women worldwide. She’s not only Puerto Rico’s first gold medalist but also a trailblazer and a very stylish lady. On the tennis court she wears vibrant Ellesse outfits, but when she steps away from the court she replaced the casual outfits with feminine dresses and girly garments.



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Fabiana Marcelino Claudino. The statuesque Brazilian volleyball player embodies the spirit of her native land. She’s sexy and youthful, having a style which is both fresh and unique. She tends to wear either body hugging dresses that accentuate her curves or flattering silhouettes. Her best accessory is a megawatt smile!


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Gisela Dulko. Although Argentina’s former world no. 1 professional tennis player and Pantene Ambassador is retired from the active circuit; she remains a glamorous presence who keeps an impressive fan base. Her outfit choices are an indication that motherhood doesn’t imply giving up on fashion and that the cool mom style is relatable and always on the spot. Ripped jeans, trendy T-shirts and messy bun are her signature style. With 62.5K Instagram followers she knows how to keep her fans intrigued.


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Laisa Andrioli. The Brazilian football player is one to watch. Having a Victoria’s Secret- kind of body and striking physical attributes, Laisa tops the list of the hottest sportswomen in the world. Her sartorial choices are worth mentioning too as she’s an ace even in this game. As a true style chameleon, she switches from sultry sophisticated dresses to sporty chic, comfortable outfits.


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Nicole Regnier. The Colombian footballer is a social media sensation, having 304k followers on Instagram and a fan base that follows with great interest her worldwide domination. The young footballer is the unofficial Ambassador for the athleisure trend, favoring tracksuits and trainers instead of feminine gowns or edgy outfits. As athleisure is not losing steam too soon, it’s safe to say that Nicole is a very trendy young woman.


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