5 Colombian Productions To Understand The Armed Conflict And The Peace Process

The delivery of the Final Report of the Truth Commission represents an important chapter in the history of Colombia. Here we recommend 5 Colombian productions to understand the armed conflict and the peace process in the country.

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June became the most important month in Colombia in 2022. But we are not only referring to the presidential elections, but also to a historical event whose central theme is the armed conflict and the country's peace process: the delivery of the Final Report of the Comisión de la Verdad  (Truth Commission). What is it about, what is its relevance and what productions are ideal to get to know the topic better?

First of all, it is essential to give a context about what the Comisión de la Verdad really is. This autonomous institution of the Colombian State, as its name indicates, is in charge of clarifying the causes of the armed conflict in the country.  Its main objectives are to contribute to the recognition of the victims and promote coexistence in the territories.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the commission is chaired by the priest Francisco de Roux and was founded in April 2017, although it formally began its work in November 2018. In fact, its report was to be delivered after three years, but due to due to the pandemic, the Constitutional Court extended this period until June 28. Throughout this journey, the members have heard thousands of testimonies from victims, peasants, indigenous peoples, soldiers, paramilitary groups, politicians, and even former presidents such as Andrés Pastrana, Álvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos.

“It is important that Colombian society knows the truth so that we do not repeat it again. This moment is historic and is part of the transformation that as a society we must have to reconcile, because we are not condemned to war," the Comisión de la Verdad said in a statement.

To get a better idea of the importance of this event in Colombia, the Comisión de la Verdad has divided the Final Report into 10 detailed chapters that show a historical view of what has been happening in the country; but more especially how women, children, the LGBTIQ+ community and the indigenous population have experienced this violence. In addition, they also dedicate a section to make a general call to create conditions that prevent the presence of armed conflict again.

Regardless of the level of knowledge you have on this subject, here is a list of 5 Colombian productions that show in greater depth both the armed conflict and the peace process in Colombia.

Alias Maria

The 2015 film by director José Luis Rugeles transports us through the bleak landscape of armed conflict through the eyes of a teenager. María, who has been in the guerrilla ranks for two years, is entrusted with the mission of taking her commander's newborn son to a safe town. However, during the journey they discover that she is pregnant, so she will try to flee so that they do not force her to have an abortion.

"Rostros de Paz"

In November 2012, the government of Juan Manuel Santos and members of the FARC publicly and formally began peace talks. This documentary shows step by step the path that began from their secret meetings to the disarmament of the guerillas. In a few words, there are four years of dialogues summed up in just over an hour and with testimonies from various protagonists that led to the Havana Peace Agreement.

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Little voices

One of the most innovative Colombian productions of recent decades. Directors Jairo Carrillo and Óscar Andrade captured through animation the story of four children displaced by the armed conflict. His narrative is so simple and wonderful that the voices of the protagonists take on a special force to tell their terrible experiences, dreams and hopes. It should be noted that this is the first Latin American film in 3D.


This emotional documentary takes you down three interesting paths that connect with each other. The first, for the entire process that they had to go through to transfer more than 6,000 armed guerrillas from the jungles to the zones to begin their process of legality. The second, the route to take all those firearms to the place where they would be melted down. And third, the testimonies of several victims of sexual violence who participated in the creation of the "counter-monument" by the artist Doris Salcedo with the melted metal of those weapons.


From director Alejandro Landes, this 2019 drama gives an insight into what life is like for young people who are recruited by paramilitary groups . The plot follows eight rebellious teenagers who are assigned to watch over a prisoner. But while they spend their days doing military training, they will suffer an ambush that will force them to flee into the jungle and put their mission at risk.

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