5 comedies you can watch on Netflix that aren’t Friends

Give Friends a break and these other sitcoms a try.

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When we don't have anything to watch on Netflix and we just want to distract ourselves for a while, we always put the same thing: Friends. This 90s comedy undoubtedly changed the game of comic series and conquered the territory of thirty-minute episodes. However, there is much more content on Netflix, newer, more diverse and updated than Friends, which you can also give a try. Here we recommend five comedies for all tastes that you can find on Netflix and with which you can laugh and distract yourself.

1. Community

Almost as long as Friends (six seasons), Community also follows the daily lives of a group of friends, but more diverse in race, age, and sexuality than Friends. It is about a group of failures who study in a Community College, that is to say, in a public university. Each has their story of why they ended up at this university and their authentic way of relating to others. This series, which was very successful in the 2000s and also survived some major cast changes, reflects on itself while being fun and up-to-date on current issues.

2. Love

In three seasons, this Judd Apatow comedy follows the love story of Gus and Mickey. He is a kid from South Dakota who lives in Los Angeles and takes no chances but is interested in movies and writes scripts in his spare time. She is an alcoholic and addicted to sex and relationships who decides to get her life on track. They meet one morning and since then their whole relationship seems like a fluke . It is a realistic and current look at relationships during young adulthood and is, in that sense, a little more complex than Friends in its perspective of love and affective relationships. You will also see Gus and Mickey's friends bonding with each other and having a crisis of adulthood in the refreshing city of Los Angeles.

3. Crashing

Even shorter, with a single six-part season, Crashing is another look at youth. It is a series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, applauded for her success with Fleabag. Here, younger and still not as complex and sad as in Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge writes and portrays a fresher and more grotesque comedy in which she is not afraid to make jokes about vomiting and infidelity. Less near death and into a more mature adulthood, Crashing is a comedy about a group of young people who live in an old hospital as property guardians to save money. They will all be involved in a sitcom in the style of Shakespeare but also in the style of this fabulous comedian.

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4. Derry girls

Although it is a relatively new comedy, Derry Girls is set in the 90s in the town of Derry in Northern Ireland. The conflict between Catholics and Protestants is at a fever pitch and the tension of the war is at its peak. In the middle of it, a group of girls tries to have a good time in their hometown. They have the typical problems of a group of teenagers but there is also a look at the violence and war that these youth had to go through during this time in Northern Ireland. Interesting and funny, it is another look different from that of the big city that American sitcoms usually show.

5. Brooklyn nine-nine

Although not all of its seasons are on Netflix, there are at least six of them. In this comedy you will see a group of detectives from the 99th police station in Brooklyn, New York solve crimes. Although with this synopsis it seems more like a crime series in the style of CSI or Law and Order, the truth is that Brooklyn Nine-nine is one of the most successful comedies of recent years, because you will see, again, colleagues who become friends and they even fall in love with each other in a diverse group of characters that is not forced but rather natural and organic.

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