5 Latin American Series you Should Watch if you Liked “The Marked Heart”

The Colombian Series "The Marked Heart" has Positioned itself in Less than a Month as One of the Most Watched Spanish-language Productions in the World. We Recommend 5 Series that you Must See if you Liked this Great Series..

Still from the series 'Who Killed Sara?' and 'Elizabeth'

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The Colombian series "The Marked Heart" has positioned itself in less than a month as one of the most watched Spanish-speaking productions in the world . Currently, it is in the top 10 of the series with the most views globally on Netflix and is the most viewed production in Spanish on said platform with more than 60 million hours viewed.

Produced by the Colombian production company CMO, directed by Clara María Ochoa Domínguez, the "The Marked Heart" series has attracted the attention of a large number of users, especially in Latin America where it has become number one in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Likewise, its impact and popularity is so great that it has managed to captivate viewers from the old continent, Africa, the United States and some countries in Oceania.

Its success is described by the producer Clara María Ochoa Domínguez as the result of the good multidisciplinary and comprehensive work of the different production areas, which managed to come together in a good way for the final delivery of the project. The intriguing theme of the story, the scripts, the art and photography directions and the background of its renowned actors are just some of the variables that contributed to the success of the story written by Leonardo Padrón. However, several reviews of the series point to the main responsible for its rise to the thematic line of the series, which knew how to address a taboo such as organ trafficking and develop from there an intriguing story that captivates viewers.

Based on the above, the success of "The Marked Heart" marks a milestone in the Latin American television industry, which continues to break borders and gain notoriety in the world. In fact, the series is only part of a list of Latin productions that have been able to position themselves on different streaming platforms. For that reason, Latin American Post recommends 5 Latin American series that you cannot miss.

Isabel (HBO)

As the first recommended, we find the Isabel series, inspired by Isabel Allende, one of the most popular Spanish-speaking writers, whose life story is recounted in detail, showing the successes and ups and downs of an icon of Spanish-speaking literature.

Pequeñas Victorias (Amazon Prime)

Argentine drama series that tells the story of a 6-year-old girl who begins her school stage. This event impacts the lives of her three mothers who will have to face a series of challenges that they had not had during their daughter's early years.

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The Baker and the Beauty (Netflix)

It tells the love story between a young man who works in the family bakery of Latino origin and a Hollywood celebrity. Both must face different situations for their love to triumph.

Who Killed Sarah? ( Netflix)

This Mexican production starring the Colombian Manolo Cardona tells a story of suspense and drama surrounding the cover-up of the murder of Sara, whose brother is sent to jail for her death and after 18 years in prison, he goes out in search of revenge and to clarify what was seceded with her sister Sarah.

Gentefied (Netflix)

Production that tells the story of three cousins of Mexican descent who fight to fulfill their American dream and on the way to fulfill it they must make life decisions that make them leave their comfort zone.


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