5 real places that appear in Disney movies

Although the Disney scenarios look fantastic, this does not mean that they do not exist, as many are inspired by real places

View of Mont Saint-Michel and Forbidden City in Beijing.

Get to know these five places that exist in real life and were portrayed in Disney movies. / Photos: Pixabay

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For any fan of the many Disney movies, it is possible to live this experience in real life, or at least a part, since they could visit the wonderful and "magical" locations that the American company shows. This demonstrates that Disney has not needed to invent everything and has been able to recreate the incredible locations that exist around the world, in this case, we present 5 of the most popular and peculiar that can be found in the wonderful world of Disney.

Mont Saint-Michel



The place where the princess was trapped in this remake of "Rapunzel" is actually located in France, specifically on a "magical" island called Mont Saint-Michel, where there is a church built since the Middle Ages. Historically this place has also served as a prison, a monastic community, and a town, this entire island is considered an architectural jewel and is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Angel jump

If you have seen Up you know the paradisiacal place where Mr. Carl Fredricksen wanted to go with his wife, although instead of doing it by plane he decided to take his house with a lot of helium balloons. This high waterfall desired by Carl not only really exists, but is a World Heritage Site. Located in Venezuela, Angel Falls is the highest natural waterfall in the world, 979 meters high, in fact, its access is only possible through light aircraft or helicopters, according to Noti America. This place has also been used for other films such as "Beyond Dreams" and "Break Point".

Hotel de Glace

This place appears in the Frozen movie, where the protagonist Elsa uses her powers to create a castle of pure ice, and although it seems unthinkable, this place was inspired by a Canadian hotel, specifically in Quebec. The curious and incredible thing about this hotel is that it is not built of blocks and concrete, but of blocks of ice and snow, its walls, beds and every structure is made of this material, although of course, it has external annexes to go to a sauna or go to the bathroom, the most striking is its ice space at temperatures between -3 and -5 degrees Celsius, this is only available in the Canadian winter season, which is usually between January and April, according to Traveler.

Forbidden City

In Mulan's film, where a young Chinese woman pretends to be a man in order to join her country's army and in the end she is essential to win the last battle that would take place in front of the Emperor's palace, this palace in real life is known as the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. It is considered by Unesco as one of the 5 largest palaces in the world as well as a World Heritage Site. It was built at the beginning of the XV century and its name is due to the fact that it could only be accessed with the direct authorization of the emperor. Currently it is a tourist area receiving up to 30 thousand daily visitors in its wooden spaces of 720 thousand square meters, according to the Turisteando el Mundo website.

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Route 66

In the first Cars movie, you can remember that empty old road where Lightning McQueen is stranded. However, this road not only really exists, but is full of historical monuments for Americans and that Cars did not hesitate to represent. The Travel Route 66 portal highlights some such as Wigwam Hotel, which in Cars appears as Cozy Cone Hotel, the same with U Drop In, which the film represents as Ramón's paint shop. Just like these, Cars alludes to many more places on this particular road.


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