5 series and LGBTIQ + movies to see on Netflix

Netflix is not far behind with the diverse content and gives visibility to the LGBTIQ + community, here we show you our favorites

5 series and LGBTIQ + movies to see on Netflix

The struggle for equal rights has now moved to the small screen. Every time there is more offer of diverse contents that tell stories that revolve around the LGBTIQ + community. This, makes visible the members of this community and put on the table, or, rather, on our screens, the problems that they must face even in our times. We present here our favorite content that you can see on Netflix.

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1. Nanette

Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comedian. In her shows, she uses stories of her personal life and the vicissitudes of having grown up in Tasmania as a lesbian woman. In this stand-up special that she did for Netflix, she confesses completely.

She makes us laugh with her jokes about leaving the closet while being self-critical and there she denounces very seriously the abuses she has had to endure in her life due to the sexism and homophobia that still govern our society. It is an honest and raw stand up. 




2. Moonlight

This Oscar winning movie is available on Netflix. It tells the story of a black boy growing up in Miami in an environment in which drug trafficking is the only option to get ahead. Moonlight shows us several moments of his life in which he meets a father figure, in which he realizes his homosexuality and realize how difficult it will be for others to accept that he is in love with another man.

It is a beautiful film and although it shows a difficult reality, it is not at all a plaintive tape. It is beautifully told and narrates, in the midst of everything, a love story.


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3. Deep Water

This is also an Australian series. This is a thriller in which Detective Tori must investigate a murder of a gay man in Bondi Beach, his hometown, near Sydney. The detective must deal with the misogyny and homophobia of her colleagues in the local police when she discovers a series of similar murders in the 70s that have been hidden by the press and the police.

In the end, this series is more about the environment that has covered these hate crimes than the mystery itself, because from the beginning we can suspect what is happening in Bondi Beach. It is a great series about what we conceive as a mystery but it is rather what we want to keep hidden.



4. The house of flowers

Let's say that The House of Flowers does not revolve around the LGBTIQ + struggle, but rather transvestism and the freedoms around it. This series, which is also a telenovela, brings together a considerable number of characters who cross themselves and through them mocks homophobia and tradition in a family that is said to be perfect.

And here the jesters are kings and the jester kings. The matriarch of the De La Mora family discovers that her husband has a Queens drag cabaret with his lover and that this is the business that has fed them. So, she has to start living with the drag Queens and her husband's daughter, who has grown up among them and who will be the freest character in the series and who will teach her the most valuable life lessons. It is funny and beautiful.


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5. Carol

Two women fall in love with a Christmas in New York in the 50s. Based on the novel by Patricia Hightsmith, this film tells the love story between Carol, a married woman and son, and Therese, a young woman who works as a saleswoman in a boutique store It is a subtle film that tells how the admiration that one feels for the other is born a love that will have to overcome many obstacles to become real.



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