5 times when Madonna was controversial in Latin America

On the occasion of her 60th birthday, we remember the scandalous moments that the Queen of Pop has lived in Latin American territory

5 times when Madonna was controversial in Latin America

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, or simply Madonna, turned 60. Revolutionary pop culture and the female figure in full swing of sexual liberation during the 80s, has managed to penetrate from those times to the present, in the minds of millions of people. She is recognized as an extravagant and irreverent artist who has broken the schemes and paradigms in the popular culture scene.

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Latin American artists such as Yuri, Gloria Trevi, and Alejandra Guzmán have followed the path that the Queen of Pop has drawn rebelliously for other women singers. This is how the whole world has set eyes on Madonna every time she steps on foreign soil, and Latin America has not been the exception to her intentional insolence.

We list 5 controversial moments of the singer as she passes through countries in the region:

1. Madonna Vs. The Congress of the Union

The year is 1993 and Madonna is not well received in Mexico. The very Pope John Paul II wanted in his time to censure the liberating tour "Blonde Ambition Tour" in Italy but empowered Madonna did not let this happen.

The same happens in Mexico when the "Girlie Show" was confirmed for three dates. The deputies of the Congress of the Union and conservative associations like "the National Unit of Parents of Family" joined forces to prevent that the singer appeared with a provoking, sensual and feminine spectacle.

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2. Madonna as Evita Perón from Argentina

It is 1995 and in Hollywood, it has been confirmed that Madonna and Antonio Banderas would interpret the leading roles of the emblematic Broadway musical, "Evita", known for speaking very badly of the Argentine social leader Eva Perón (who died in 1945). Clearly, it would be the Queen of Pop who would play the main role and the people of the gaucho country were not very happy with it.

The film was finally recorded in Buenos Aires, in the very facilities of La Casa Rosada, where the real Eva Perón once gave her enraged speeches. Peronists and society, in general, wrote on the walls "Out Madonna, Argentina does not love you". However, "The Material Girl" never stopped for it. Directed by Alan Parker, the singer two years later, she would win a Golden Globe for her masterful performance.

3. Madonna in Colombia

In 2012, the singer of "Like a Virgin" was touring the world with her ninth tour "MDNA Tour". As announced, Madonna would perform throughout Latin America and one of her stops would be in Medellín, Colombia. With hype and cymbal, the city stopped during the visit of the singer, even, getting to speculate the recording of the concert in the stadium of his presentation.

Literally, the city was paralyzed. More than 11 million dollars were collected from his visit, hotel reservations were exhausted, flights to the city could not cope and tourism shot up in the city of eternal spring. Of all the tour, the concert of the "MDNA Tour" in Medellín was the most profitable show of all.

4. Madonna in Chile

In that same year, the history of the passage of the "MDNA Tour" in Santiago de Chile would be different. The torrential rains, the delay of two hours and the omission of several songs, left the image of Madonna on the floor. Her indecency with the assistants, the insults she said on stage was world news. Media like TMZ and Billboard registered the news and Chilean fans would not see it in the same way again.

5. 'La Isla Bonita'

The fifth and last single of their third album "True Blue", was "La Isla Bonita", a song with Latin rhythms, in which Madonna dares to sing fragments in Spanish. In spite of the fact that the same has assured that the tune is a mere tribute to the Latin American beauty and especially, that of the Puerto Rican men; the New West Indian Guide magazine accused her of cultural appropriation.

However, throughout her career, Madonna has had a strong relationship with the Latin culture, so much so that her shows do not need Salsa, Cuban and tropical rhythms in the interpretation of the song.

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