7 LGBTIQ+ Movies that Have Been Released Recently and that May Interest You

In the middle of the month of pride, there are productions that leave no one indifferent and that address different problems of the community. These are our 7 recommended LGBTIQ+ movies on International Pride Day 2022

Still from the films 'What's your name?', 'Summer of 85' and 'I've got your name engraved'

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It is increasingly common for film productions to bet on LGBT films, where the problems that the group is going through are addressed, and where each letter of this acronym can be made visible. For the same reason, and in the middle of the Pride month, in the following article we recommend seven LGBT-themed movies that have been released recently and that might interest you.

1. "¿Cómo te llamas?" – Colombia, 2018

Throughout its history, Colombia has had some very prominent films regarding LGBT issues, and "¿Cómo te llamas?" is one of his most recent productions. In it, we meet Eva and Candela, who meet again two years after putting an end to their relationship. Both are actresses, and their common professions and dreams end up slowly separating them. This film has the peculiarity of portraying all the stages of a love relationship: the first contact, the first date, an intense romance, until it reaches the routine, the monotony and the non-conformity; which culminates in a breakup. But there are always questions that will remain unfinished, and this feature film tackles that very well.

2. "Summer of 85" – France, 2020

Alex and David meet by chance in a small town on the Normandy coast on a summer afternoon in 1985. From then on they become inseparable, become best friends and begin to spend a lot of time together. They soon seem to fall in love and begin to live an extremely intense relationship, which at one point seems to be a simple summer romance but goes beyond. This film has the peculiarity of being told in two times, present and past. It addresses issues such as emotional dependency and obsession, and how a relationship can end very badly if the two aspects mentioned above are not controlled.

3. "Memories of a Teenager" – Argentina, 2020

Based on the autobiographical blog of Nicolás "Zabo" Zamorano, on Netflix you can enjoy the movie "Memories of a Teenager". Here the story of Nicolás is told, a teenager who does not like labels and who has just suffered an unfortunate loss after his best friend committed suicide. Given this scenario, and in the midst of his sexual awakening, Nicolás seems to be in love with one of his best friends but also with a friend. In the midst of all this, a boy appears who will make him doubt even more about who he loves. It is a film that, in addition to the above, deals with depression and its consequences in people's lives in a mixture of comedy and drama .

4. "I'm afraid of a bullfighter" – Chile, 2020

It is set in the Chile of the 80s, the one in which the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet ruled the country. It is based on the successful book "I'm afraid of a bullfighter" by the renowned Chilean writer, Pedro Lemebel. This film portrays the difficult moment that Chile went through in those years, with police repression, disappearance of people and violations of Human Rights. In the midst of all this, a friendship and perhaps a romance blossoms between a transvestite and a young guerrilla, despite their opposite personalities and their different purposes and occupations in life. The late Pedro Lemebel sought to address political militancy and sexual dissidence in an overly complex political context. In this film starring Alfredo Castro, that is reflected effectively.

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5. "Elisa & Marcela" – Spain, 2019

When talking about LGBT loves, many times one thinks of something prohibited due to the prejudices that still prevail in society. In this sense, "Elisa & Marcela", a film set at the end of the 19th century in black and white, tells the story of two young people who meet at a school and instantly fall in love, but due to social stigma, the accusations and to homophobia that at that time had no limits, they must pretend that they have no bond and decide to hide their relationship for a long time. The rawness of this film becomes even more shocking if you take into account that it is based on real events, when two women became the first in the world to marry in the church. Something unexpected for the time but what happened.

6. "Madalena" – Brazil, 2021

A powerful, shocking film that shows the transphobia that still affects thousands of people throughout the world, and especially those who live in Brazil. Madalena, a transgender woman, is wanted by family, friends and the police after being found missing for days. At that time, and due to the number of hate crimes that are committed against trans people in Brazil, those close and close think the worst about their whereabouts. When they find her lifeless in the middle of a field in an agricultural town, characters and stories begin to come together and with a paranormal touch, a macho and transphobic Brazilian society is stripped bare.

7. "Your Name Engraved Herein" – Taiwan, 2020

An exquisite soundtrack, with main actors that stand out above the rest, and has autobiographical overtones because part of the director's life is told when he was younger, "Your Name Engraved Herein" is to date the highest grossing film in the Taiwan history. It was the most-watched film during 2020 in that country. Here is the story of friendship and love of two young people who are classmates at a school in the late 1980s, a time when homosexuality was considered a disease. Needless to say, they fight against challenges and prejudices, which generates fear in both of them. An impossible love and a painful production will reach your heart because it is the true reflection of a reality that many have gone through and still go through.

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