7 Series you Should Watch if you Like “Succession”

The series of witty insults and power plays in the corporate world is in its final season. We recommend seven series to continue submerged in the world of the 1% and entertain yourself with their misfortunes.

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Succession creator Jesse Armstrong surprised fans a few months ago when he announced that season four would be the finale of the acclaimed series. The Roy family's struggle for control and legacy of their company mixes the visual delights of a lavish life and the tension of family drama in an irreverent and funny script, elevated by excellent leading performances, which have created a recipe for success for HBO. "Succession" has twice won the Emmy for best drama series, and the third is on the way after the spectacular third episode of the season.

The satisfaction of discovering who will inherit the reins of Waystar Royco comes with the void left by the weekly dose of the series, which delivers a chapter every Sunday. So to daunt the wait, we recommend seven series to continue immersed in the world of the 1% and entertain yourself with their misfortunes.

"Arrested Development"

This story of a rich family who lost everything and the son who had no choice but to keep them together is "Succession" like a sitcom. When the company's patriarch and CEO, Bluth, is arrested for fraud, leaving his family bankrupt, his son Michael (Jason Bateman) must deal with financial and legal messes, his brothers' incompetence, and his family's plans.

Although it was well received by critics and won the Emmy for best comedy series, it was canceled in the third season due to low ratings. Over time, it established itself as one of the best comedies of the 21st century, and Netflix revived it for two new seasons, but they didn't match the quality of the original 58 episodes. It's all available on Netflix.


This series focuses on prosecutor Chuck Rhoades' (Paul Giamatti) fight to bring down Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), a high-profile hedge fund manager who has broken the law with his aggressive tactics to extort billions and run an opulent life. The first season is inspired by the investigation that prosecutor Preet Bharara led in 2013 against Steve Cohen, owner of METS and founder of SAC Capital Advisors, for the leaking of inside information by one of his employees that resulted in profits of more than of 200 million dollars. This year, the seventh and final season will be broadcast. Available on Netflix.


Before ridiculing the rich with "The White Lotus," which will compete with "Succession" at the Emmys this year, Mike White explored the dynamics of sweatshops in corporate America with this comedy co-created by and starring Laura Dern. Amy has a positive attitude that is challenged when, in her new position, she discovers the systematic abuse of employees and corruption that occurs in the company.

Dern was nominated for an Emmy and won a Golden Globe for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. After collaborating with White again in a small "cameo" for the second season of The White Lotus, he has mentioned the possibility of joining the main cast of the new season that will be filmed in Thailand. Both are available on HBO Max.


A group of young college graduates compete for a position at a prestigious London investment bank in this HBO production that critics have described as a mix between "Euphoria" and "Succession." The series explores the dynamics of the financial world and its toxic culture of sexism, racism, abuse, and manipulation. In October 2022 it was renewed for a third season. Available on HBO Max.

"The Dropout"

Based on the podcast that revealed the details of one of the biggest frauds in recent history. This miniseries traces the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, played by the one and only Amanda Seyfried, founder of Theranos, a biotech company that promised to revolutionize the medical industry with a device that "could" identify hundreds of diseases with just a drop of blood. Holmes became one of the youngest billionaires in the world, considered the new Steve Jobs, until the multiple flaws in the product and its cover-up system to maintain investments were revealed.

Adam McKay, producer and director of "Succession", had plans to make his own adaptation of the case with Jennifer Lawrence as the lead, but the actress withdrew from the project after seeing Seyfried's performance and considering her the definitive incarnation of the character, so that it is unknown if the film will still be filmed. Available on Star+.

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"The Newsroom"

The power of the Roys is concentrated on the ATN news network, making Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin's behind-the-scenes series on a newsreel the perfect addition for fans of political drama. The series takes the most important news events from the beginning of 2010, imagining the response of journalists and the work of their coverage for a nightly newscast marked by an ideological agenda. Jeff Daniels won the Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for the first season. Available on HBO Max.


Husband and wife Adam and Rebekah Neumann took the concept of coworking to a new level with their company WeWork, with which they reached a valuation of 47 billion dollars. But boundless ambition led this emporium to get out of hand, which caused its downfall and provided the basis for a miniseries starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. A chronicle of the Neumanns' rise and fall from grace that explores the dynamics of the million-dollar ventures that have cemented the myth of American wealth. Available on Apple TV+.

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