A Chilean takes the canals of Amsterdam with his Art

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The emblematic canals of Holland witness the combination of audiovisual technologies and art that are mixed to create artistic works

A Chilean takes the canals of Amsterdam with his Art

The most famous canals of the world are lit up by these days when the Netherlands is living the winter in its fullness. Until next January 20, you can visit the 29 artistic facilities in the historic center of the city.

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The pieces were carried out by international artists, designers, and architects, which are inspired by the famous phrase of the scientist of Canadian origin Marshall McLuhan "The medium is the message." On this occasion only a Latin American visual artist is participating, Felipe Pardo, originally from Chile.


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Pardo studied integral design at the Catholic University after giving up careers in physics and engineering. Since 2012 he has researched and worked on projects that are related to media arts, which deal with an agreement used to define a very broad meaning, the artistic phenomenon of harmonization that exists between media communication and artistic practice. All this related to the idea, work methodology and production method of using audiovisual and / or multimedia communication technologies for the creation of artistic works.


In an interview with the POUSTA portal, the Chilean said that this type of art is very difficult because of the cost involved, he added that in the first world there are many more resources for creation because the local issues of our countries are more interesting with respect to those who have a society that apparently is resolved. So this factor facilitates the process when looking for inspiration, that the culture and problems of Latin America are unique.


Una publicación compartida por Janus van den Eijnden (@janusvdeijnden) el


Of the installations that has caught the attention of the spectators the most is "Light a wish" (Light to wish), which is inspired by the experience of blowing dandelions.

In this regard, its creators Gaston Zahr and Merav Eitan belonging to the OEG Group commented to the Iluminet portal the emotion and the sense of blowing this flower, requesting a wish and letting it go on the air carrying your desire throughout the world. The installation is composed of twenty figures of dandelions, 2 meters each, which although they are figures illuminated by white light, static give the impression that they are in motion.


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You can also find facilities around the canal with which visitors can take photos and interact more directly because they are closer to the spectators. Event of lights, that despite the cold, you should not miss.


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Translated from "Un chileno se toma los canales de Amsterdam con su Arte"

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