“Acróstico”: Shakira’s Sons Prepare for the Music Industry

Shakira's sons, Milan and Sasha, are involved in their mother's new album after being Shakira's main support during her divorce..

Frame from Shakira's 'Acrostic' video clip

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Within the framework of Mother's Day, Shakira premiered "Acróstico," a song dedicated to her children in which they intervene to offer her support in the separation stage that she is going through with Gerard Piqué. The theme is the official debut of Milan and Sasha, Shakira's children, in the music industry. Both participate in the intonations in the choir while their mother guides the melody with her voice.

"Acróstico" is Shakira's single following "Te Felicito" and "Monotonía". In theory, it is the first one in which she does not have a collaboration during her divorce with her ex-partner, but the truth is that the participation of her children in it is significant.

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In the video clip, the three appear to be playing the piano, which is not new to them. Months ago, Shakira showed her children's musical interest, especially the eldest. However, the two go through extracurricular activities, from art to sports. For the moment, this is the first of many interventions by Milan and Sasha in their mother's music.

Musical Interest of Shakira's Children

Of the two, Milan has the most concerns with music. At the age of 10, it was made public that he played the drums and the piano. Almost a year ago, the singer uploaded a video of him performing a piece of classical music in a solo rehearsal and another in a violin duet. In addition, we have seen him play the drums on Shakira's social networks.

Recently, the singer revealed that it was thanks to Milan that she and Bizarrap collaborated on the 53rd session that went viral. The boy asked Shakira's manager to contact the Argentine producer, and they had first contact. Milan supervised the recording and gave him some advice.

During the separation, Shakira's children played a leading role in the singer's decisions. Although he has seen more affinity with the sport, Sasha, eight years old, also contributed to Shakira's latest singles. For "Monotonía," he was commissioned to design the cover art because he did not like any of the proposals the label's designers sent.

Both siblings participated in the music video for "Te felicito". In an interview, Shakira said that the idea for the robot was Sasha's and that the green smoke was Milan's. With "Acróstico," both went from being behind the scenes of their mother to the limelight.

Shakira in her Role as a Single Mother

After what was caused by the media uproar, Shakira managed to move her children with her to Miami (United States). Since the separation, she has emphasized that they are her main banner, giving them the freedom to participate in her art. In his promotional message for "Acróstico," he talks about his pride in the Milan compositions and Sasha's artistic exploration with singing and piano.

This is a stage of Shakira's preparation for what may come to them if they want to continue feeding their musical desire. According to her, both spend several hours in recording studios. This soft and tender approach may begin a prolific career or two featuring one of the most experienced teachers. At the moment, everything works like a mother-son game, and like almost all children, Sasha and Milan take the game seriously.

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