Artists to watch for in 2021

This year, new artists promise to captivate the public with very particular proposals.

Aria vega

The music scene was revitalized, with new proposals in different genres. / Photo: YT-Aria Vega

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2020 was a year of challenges for all industries, music among them, which had to adapt to the situation and use new platforms and scenarios in order to survive. The result was that the music scene was revitalized, with new proposals in different genres, which used digital media to make themselves known and that will undoubtedly make this year full of sounds that will be worth listening to.

The proposal of new artists who are about to take off definitively in their careers, from Vice's Noisey Next website, points out that the musical scene of 2021 will receive new trends and will continue their path to urban music. The web portal of the Umomag magazine, also indicates some singers who may be a success this year.

The Latin American music scene

Dominating the music scene by genres such as reggaeton and urban music, not only on the continent, but also worldwide, the Latin American music scene for this year will undoubtedly be one of new musical discoveries and the consolidation of singers already known in the world.

Charly Gynn

This composer and performer is part of the new music scene, where in collaboration with music producer Jace Kimura, they created the independent record label Tempvs Music, as a platform to commercially publicize talented artists who deserve an opportunity.

Thanks to his talent and effort, Charly Gynn has managed to position himself among the main representatives of reggaetón in Mexico. The videos he has published on social networks have earned him recognition from his followers, and led to the launch of his single “Como yo no hay”. In 2021 he hopes to release his new EP “La fiesta de la virgen”. Among the songs that were heard in 2020 are "Vente", "Azótame", "Una Noche Más" and "Taka Taka".


This 22-year-old artist, born in Guadalajara, Mexico, became part of the Universal Music Publishing label, due to his musical proposal. The label is the same as J. Balvin, Mon Laferte and others, which is proof of the talent of this singer, who in a single proposal uses different musical genres.

His talent combines genres such as emo, punk, hip-hop, and trap, making music with which many young people have identified. By 2021 he offers a mix of pop, punk, trap and urban music, which will undoubtedly be part of the music scene this year. Among his songs are "Drakula", "Reggaetón Vampiro", "No M3 Dejes 4SI", "Si Me Marka".

Ines Pacheco

This is another of the Mexican singers and songwriters who will make 2021 their year. The artist has always been very involved with the artistic world, until in 2020 she decided to present her own proposal on the music stage.

Without fear of experimenting and creating new proposals, she is emerging as one of the new voices of trap and R&B. She has several singles published individually, such as "Sin Direction", "Can't feel my body", and "Oro y plata", and others in collaboration, such as "A Marte" with Tau, "Vampira" with Spvce Problems or "Diamonds" with Aloe. This year she hopes to debut with her EP, of which she has already released the single "Día de Suerte" and a video clip.


This Puerto Rican singer grew up with music and currently makes reggaeton. He has released several singles, individually and as a collaboration, including "Pa los gustos los colores", "Cenicero" with Jay Wheeler and "Se supone.

He hopes to be able to venture into other musical genres, especially salsa, and project a musical proposal with which all people can identify, and experiment with fusions of urban music and ballads. He recently released "Maldita Sea", a song that is just a promise of what this singer brings for 2021.


This artist, also from Puerto Rico, is another of the exponents of reggaetón. Coming from the sports world, he decided to explore his passion for music, with very good results. With her music she transmits attitude, positive energy, passion and zest for life, and is determined to reach the top of the music scene.

She presents an interesting mix of cultures in her musical proposal, which has earned her the opening act for renowned representatives of music, both Latin and Anglo, such as Nicky Jam, Migos, Jhay Cortez, among others. This may be the year of this singer, as can be glimpsed with her EP "Sin fin", released in early December 2020.

Aria vega

Aria is a Colombian singer who became known with her participation in the reality show Latin American Idol, and brings a reggaeton proposal with a soft and chill style, which represents a whole new way to revitalize the genre, so much so,  that he signed with the multinational Warner Music Mexico. Among the songs that can be heard from the singer are "Rosé", "Sin Permiso", "Salió Sola", among others.

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Thanks to social networks, proposals have been presented that will undoubtedly give people talk this year, in different musical genres and with combinations, innovative and creative proposals, to which we must pay attention.


This artist seeks to renew the genre of rock and rap. KennyHoopla is an American singer and songwriter, who in 2020 presented the most ambitious material within his musical proposal, which places him in an upward career, “How Will I Rest in Peace if I'm Buried by a Highway?”.

With this album, a combination of rock with hip hop, pop punk, as well as ambient trap and even drum and bass, which together with a powerful voice results in something totally new and original. A true discovery of sound worth listening to. One of the songs that has made him known is "Stella".


This is an independent Spanish band of hardcore, black metal and screamo, that was born in 2017, and that released its first full-length album in 2020, called Barely Buried Love, an album with thirteen songs full of intensity that gave that speak among the followers of this musical genre and that it obtained very good comments from specialized critics.

The album is full of energy and helps to get out of the musical routine of recent years. The band plans to present a new album this year and begin recording their next album, which they say will be much darker.

Although the music industry has been seriously affected, social networks and new technological platforms have shown that talent is always looking for a way to prevail. These artists are just a small sample of all those who, thanks to their talent, will make themselves heard this year.

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