Astroworld: Travis Scott takes us on a psychedelic roller coaster ride with his new album

The latest installment of the rapper comes with a more mature sound, the best collaborations of hip-hop, and the musical resurrection of the missed Six Flags Astroworld

Astroworld: Travis Scott takes us on a psychedelic roller coaster ride with his new album

Travis Scott is the father of the moment and with his new album Astroworld puts the world of hip-hop spinning. It is his third record project after Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight of 2016. It is named in honor of Six Flags Astroworld, an amusement park in his hometown Houston, Texas, which was demolished for the construction of buildings that have yet to be built. Travis Scott brings an album with great collaborations, a tribute to the culture of hip hop and endless references to his partner Kylie Jenner and the entire Kardashian clan.

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New rhythms

The collaborations give Astroworld the prestige of a good album. It has the participation of The Weeknd, Drake, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Quavo, Tame Impala, and even Stevie Wonder in the harmonica for the single 'Stop Trying To Be God'. If there is something that differentiates this work from their first album Rodeo (2015) and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016) is patience. Each song is full of daring rhythms with an honest rap, a production work that shows in songs and incredible lyrics. "I want people to know Jacques, do you know what I'm saying? It is more extensive. This album is something like what I want to do in the future, to be honest," said the rapper for 032C Magazine.

Seventeen songs compose Astroworld with rhythmic bases of hip-hop and trap. 'Stargazing', 'Carousel' and 'Sicko Mode' give you access to an album that is exactly the gateway to hip hop's most eager fun park. His lyrics refer to psychedelic travel, drugs, his lifestyle, his growth as an artist and much more. The single 'RIP Screw' pays tribute to Houston hip-hop legend DJ Screw and is one of the tracks on which Travis Scott used samples drawn from the best eras of American hip-hop.

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New letters

In recent months Travis Scott has been in the public eye for the birth of his daughter Stormi Webster who had with Kylie Jenner, who is undoubtedly a great influence and reference in his album. Among his lyrics will be the beginnings of Travis and Kylie as a couple, his admiration for the young Kardashian sisters and even in the single 'Coffee Bean', with which he closes the album, talks about how difficult it was to get the acceptance of Kardashian clan.

Astroworld is an album of flow changing, a sample of maturity of the rapper with respect to his previous productions. It's a rollercoaster trip for psychedelic hip-hop sounds, collaborations of the best that have been seen and certainly a great album for the culture of hip-hop and 2018. It is a work praised by the critics with an excellent reception by the hits that accompany the album. It makes clear after two years that hip-hop is ready for Travis Scott, who comes to give back all the fun to the city with Astroworld.

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