Black Mirror: this Is the Technology that Could Make One of Its Chapters Possible

The new season of Black Mirror begins with the chapter "Joan Is Awful", in which a woman discovers a streaming series based on her life. Is it possible that the technology that allows the creation of such a series already exists? .


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Situations that a couple of years ago were only possible in science fiction movies or books are now a reality due to technological advances. The new season of Black Mirror brings episodes that fascinate us, as they seem to cross the line between fiction and reality. Likewise, they allow for critical reflections on how information and data capture are being handled.

The Lensless Camera that Captures Images with AI

Bjørn Karmann, a Danish designer, is responsible for this invention that seems to be taken from an episode of the Netflix series. This camera does not need any type of lens to “capture” the images, since it uses geolocation data to produce the images.

As explained on its website, Paragraphica works like a camera that uses some geolocation data and various elements of artificial intelligence to create an image. This photo is generated thanks to a text that describes the type of place you are in, the weather, the places that are nearby and the time that the shutter is pressed.

From the device you can adjust the text to modify the image or use the three dials it has to make some adjustments, each dial works as follows:

  • Focal distance. Allows you to adjust the radius that the camera captures. This means that you can search and analyze more or less nearby sites.

  • Grain. Increases or decreases the noise in the image.

  • Orientation scale. The degree of literality with which the image interprets the text is modified.

This device not only allows a space to be recreated through artificial intelligence, but also allows it to be modified until the desired result is obtained.

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Why Was Paragraphica Created?

Karmann explains that he did not create this camera to put it up for sale, he just wants the human to be able to perceive the world as an AI does. Its design, inspired by the star-nosed mole, reflects very well the way in which an artificial intelligence "observes its surroundings". This camera generates a new experience of perception of reality.

Although the goal of its creator is purely experiential, this new technology opens up new possibilities in the world of image capture and gives rise to continuing to create similar devices that can record video. The application of these new tools can forever change existing forms of television and film entertainment.

"Joan Is Awful", episode of “Black Mirror”, can come true

The first episode of this new season, starring Annie Murphy and in which Salma Hayek appears, criticizes the rights that streaming services can obtain. Users sell their privacy for a bit of entertainment and may end up as the protagonists of a drama that exaggerates the negative aspects of their lives.

The segmentation that advertising has fostered and that is reflected in series and movies is taken to the extreme in this episode. Totally personalized entertainment in which each viewer can be the protagonist. This would not be possible or sustainable without the help of tools that work through AIs.

It is no secret to anyone how much progress has been made in terms of artificial intelligence and the reproduction of images of celebrities. Paragraphica can be the beginning of the creation of series in real time that record real environments and situations. Technology allows these scenes to be interpreted by a fictitious actor or by the image of a recognized actress or actor.

It's not hard to imagine that scenarios like the one presented in “Joan is awful” could be implemented in the near future. Productions for entertainment that function as a new type of reality show can be very well received by the public. This episode of Black Mirror and Paragraphica may be the first step for a revolution in the entertainment industry.

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